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Care delivery management that connects agencies, caregivers, payers, patients, and clients in the field like never before...

to drive new levels of productivity, compliance, cost savings, communication, and care.

A complete solution for care and service delivery

A complete solution for care and service delivery

CellTrak is the only in-home and in-community Care Delivery Management solution that enables both providers and payers to coordinate and provide care, efficiently and effectively.

  • Electronic Visit Verification
  • Point-of-care documentation
  • Automated workflows
  • Field force management
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Efficiently deliver care

  • Higher productivity
  • Easier compliance
  • Lower cost
  • Real-time, secure communication
  • Better quality of care
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Effectively monitor your network

  • Visibility
  • Accountability
  • Built-in branding
  • Better care management
  • Better data for ongoing optimization
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CellTrak delivers measurable, meaningful business impact

Providers and payers across the U.S., Canada, and U.K. use CellTrak to optimize care quality, patient outcomes, productivity, and profit

4,000 +


75,000 +

caregivers and administrators


each week


lives will be
touched in 2017

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How does the CellTrak Care Delivery Management solution work?

CellTrak is an integrated offering with six components that work together to deliver efficiency, visibility, and accountability.


CellTrak Mobile Apps

  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Electronic forms and point-of-care documentation
  • Accurate mileage reporting
  • Secure communication

CellTrak IVR

  • Visit verification via telephone land lines
  • Cost-effective EVV alternative

Services & Support

  • Trusted guidance and best practices from home care and mobile experts
CellTrak Care Delivery Management solution
CellTrak Care Team Portal
  • Role-specific collaboration across the extended care team
  • Real-time, multi-disciplinary client data

CellTrak Operations Team Portal

  • Real-time care coordination
  • Automated workflows
  • Field force management

HealthLink for Integration

  • EHR systems
  • Payroll systems
  • Mandated EVV vendor systems
  • Payer systems
Unique expertise in care delivery management

Unique expertise in care delivery management

Our Customer Success team is comprised of technical experts, former caregivers, and home care operations professionals. For every implementation, we partner with the home care agency, working closely together to improve every aspect of their operations:

  • Establish clear and appropriate business objectives
  • Implement workflow and mobile best practices
  • Train field and office staff
  • Implement Electronic Visit Verification processes
  • Analyze and leverage data to sustainably increase profitability
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Care delivery management resources

We're committed to helping home care agencies run the best businesses they can.

Visit our Resource Center for white papers, eBooks, success stories, and webinars to find real-world solutions from top experts on the industry's toughest challenges.

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