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Discover the Best Way to Deliver High-Quality Home and Community Care


At the end of the day, it’s about people caring for people.

It isn’t easy to provide high-quality care to people in their homes or the community. Tens of thousands of home health, hospice, and community care caregivers use CellTrak every day to get the information they need to consistently deliver effective care and improve outcomes.

Caregivers love using CellTrak’s industry-leading mobile solution. Every day, caregivers who work at agencies that choose CellTrak get up-to-date schedules, client information, and care plans on their smartphone or tablet. CellTrak uses GPS technology to provide driving directions, track mileage, and help keep caregivers safe. When a caregiver arrives for a visit, the mobile app does electronic visit verification, presents the care or service plan, makes complete point-of-care documentation easy, and enables real-time communication with the office and other care team members via alerts and secure messaging. There’s even a secure portal that gives care team members access to essential data, including the ability to see forms and assessments, care and service history, and trends.

With CellTrak, you’ll be able to deliver higher quality care and keep your clients as your #1 priority.

With CellTrak, you’ll be able to improve compliance and real-time communication, and reduce your costs.

Learn How Agencies Have Improved Results with CellTrak


Increase in caregiver visits,
while reducing mileage expenses up to 26%


Decrease in time scheduling when tracking aides


Increase in visit compliance


Decrease in payroll processing time

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Quality & Risk

Quality & Risk



Clinical Director

Clinical Directors

More Than Just a Mobile App...

Improve compliance, communication and care quality, and reduce cost with CellTrak’s Care Delivery Management solution

It requires a combination of people, process, and technology – in the field and in the office – to deliver outstanding care and services, improve compliance, and reduce cost. Today, home health, hospice and community care agencies of all types and sizes rely on CellTrak’s complete, industry-leading Care Delivery Management solution to deliver approximately one million visits per week.

Unlike simple EVV solutions such as telephony that simply verify visits, or “lite” mobile apps that only support some of your staff, CellTrak connects all types of caregivers in the field, the office staff, and your systems in real-time. CellTrak makes the complexity of delivery care and services simple, handling key issues like security, no or low connectivity, support for many types of workflow, and calculations of complex mileage rules, in the background.

The mobile apps for clinical professionals and personal service workers are complete, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use. The solution also includes integration with your EMR and business systems, portals for your operations and care teams, and the professional services and support you need to quickly get up-and-running and for the ongoing use that delivers value to you every day.

CellTrak’s Customer Success team is made up of technical experts, former caregivers, and home care operations professionals. We’ll be your partner in the field and the office, working closely with you to establish clear objectives and plans that make sense for your agency. We’ll provide you with best mobile practices and workflows to help you to get started quickly, train your field and office staff, and be there for you with ongoing support. We’ll even teach you to use data to improve your results over time so you can realize maximum value from CellTrak.

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CellTrak Mobile Applications

Enable your caregivers to easily use a smartphone or tablet to verify visits, do assessments, deliver high-quality care efficiently, document in real time, record accurate mileage and visit data automatically, and communicate effectively.


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CellTrak IVR

Enable caregivers to easily conduct electronic visit verification via landline phones. Coordinators see the real-time data alongside data from other sources and can better manage overall care delivery.


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CellTrak Operations Team Portal

CellTrak Operations Team Portal

Manage and optimize care delivery through CellTrak’s Operations Team Portal. Provide your operations team with the information needed to manage your distributed field force in real time and to optimize its performance over the longer term.


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CellTrak Care Team Portal

Coordinate care across your entire team with CellTrak’s Care Team Portal. Give your health care team members access to client demographic, clinical, and visit information in one secure, central location.


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CellTrak HealthLink

Closely integrate your field and office with CellTrak’s HealthLink interface. Behind the scenes, HealthLink ensures vital real-time information flows quickly and accurately.


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Support for Mandated EVV

Comply with Government or Payer Mandates of Specific EVV Vendors


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CellTrak Service & Support

Our signature CellTrak Services starts with an understanding of your goals and industry best practices. From there, we work closely with you and leverage our experience and expertise to create a complete, efficient execution plan, provide training for your office staff and define a long-term optimization plan designed to support you and ensure you continue to realize maximum value over time.


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 Care Delivery Management Solution Overview

Improve Your In-Home Care and Services Delivery

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