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Care Coordination Software

Home health, hospice, community care, and private duty organizations enhance care quality and drive substantial improvements in productivity, accountability, and operating efficiency with CellTrak’s comprehensive, integrated, software-as-a-service Care Delivery Management Solution.

Join the 44,000 empowered health care workers in more than 4,000 locations across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. who deliver more than 1 million successful in-home visits each week with CellTrak.

Boost Productivity
Increase Compliance
Reduce Cost
Enhance Communication
Improve Care

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Three role-based apps – TimeManager, VisitManager, and CareManager – enable caregivers and agency staff to easily use a smart mobile device for:

  • Tracking time and mileage Calculating shortest route
  • Automating submission of point-of-care clinical documentation
  • Accessing real-time, secure patient/client data
  • Secure communication between caregivers and the home office
  • Secure broadcast messaging from the office to caregivers

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Electronic Visit Verification

Electronic Visit Verification  (EVV)

CellTrak ensures agencies are equipped to meet mandated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements:

  • Reliable proof of visit via GPS-enabled visit verification
  • Accurately capture time-in and time-out data
  • Real-time alerts and location visibility
  • Automated compliance with government or payer/funder mandates
  • Add a second level of verification with NFC (Near Field Communication) fobs, client signature, or secure photos
  • Cost effective alternate EVV option using IVR telephony

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Care Team Portal

Care Team Portal

Agencies can coordinate care and improve communication across their entire team with CellTrak’s Care Team Portal, which provides the information everyone needs in one place:

  • Secure, real-time access to patient/client records transferred from the EHR and captured over the episode of care
  • Automated point-of-care documentation, including forms, assessments, notes, vitals, and services delivered
  • Patient trend tracking and real-time change-in-condition alerts
  • Secure messaging between administrative personnel and professional staff and caregivers, with the option to include patients, families and guardians


Operations Team Portal

Operations Team Portal

CellTrak provides operations teams with the information they need to proactively monitor caregivers in the field and optimize business performance over time:

  • Automated end-of-shift, end-of-day, and end-of-month workflows enhance productivity
  • Up-to-date schedules and real-time missed visit/late start alerts provide office and field staff with current information
  • Maps show real-time staff and patient/client locations for visibility and safety
  • At-a-glance dashboard shows data from the organizational level down to the caregiver
  • 30-day scorecard tracks results against objectives to allow managers to optimize care, reduce costs, and prove compliance



For caregivers without smart devices, CellTrak enables Electronic Visit Verification via landline telephones:

  • Accurately capture time-in and time-out data
  • Reduce missed and late visits
  • Cost-effective management of overall care delivery
  • Data readily available for wage and hour audits




CellTrak’s HealthLink interface closely integrates the office with the field. Vital, real-time information flows quickly and accurately and creates a fully connected health loop:

  • Automated flow of data between the client’s EHR, mandated EVV vendors, payroll systems and more
  • Real-time updates of schedules, care plans, and client data
  • Deploys with systems from more than 20 leading HIT vendors

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