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CellTrak CareManager

Deliver Patient-Centric Care, Manage Conditions and Improve Outcomes

“The magic of this system is seeing how nurses use the data to shape care.”

Delivering clinical care via a distributed workforce requires communication and coordination among nurses, physicians, other professionals, and your office. You can deliver effective care, improve outcomes, and reduce costs with CellTrak's CareManager, a mobile app that gives caregivers necessary information, facilities point-of-care documentation, provides secure communication, and enables real-time responsiveness.

The complete extended care team, and family and guardians if permitted, has secure access to up-to-the-moment information about the clinical and personal care that have been delivered, as well as updated vitals and trends.

Office staff use a portal to gain visibility into what is happening in the field via real-time operational and clinical alerts, plus the ability to see where caregivers are relative to each patient. They enjoy time savings, improved accuracy, and reduced paperwork due to automation and streamlining of everyday tasks. CellTrak customers experience:

  • Improved accuracy with easy point-of-care documentation including assessments, forms and surveys
  • Reduced variation in care with the ability to quickly react to events
  • Easy access to complete care records for audits and information requests
  • Real-time secure messaging and enhanced communication between caregivers and office staff
  • Saved administrative costs and time with streamlined workflow and automated data flow to systems
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