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Mobile Applications


CellTrak Helps You Dial In On Improved Operations

Managing a work force with a mix of professionals and paraprofessionals? A combination of full-timers, part-timers, and volunteers? With CellTrak, the proven leader in mobile solutions for home and community health, it's no problem.

Discover why agencies use CellTrak to conduct almost one million visits each week. Choose the right mobile app for each caregiver and you'll run your operations more efficiently while providing your clients with the best health care and services in their home or community.

Put up-to-moment patient information, schedules, and care and service plans into caregiver's hands. Verify visits electronically via GPS. Accurately track time, even for shared care visits and mileage. Document at the point-of-care. Use surveys, forms and assessments. Communicate securely. Coordinate care more effectively and keep caregivers safe with configurable real-time alerts and location visibility. Cut out paperwork, reduce risky, time-consuming errors, and improve compliance because all of the data collected during each visit is automatically flows into your back office systems and EHR. CellTrak's native mobile apps work with any cellular carrier's plans and even store the data on the device until WiFi or cellular service is available. 

Meet your business needs and make care service delivery easy with CellTrak's mobile apps. 


The CellTrak Mobile Health Solution includes three mobile applications, each designed to meet different business needs.



CellTrak TimeManager enables you to improve care delivery, reduce costs, and efficiently manage a distributed workforce. Field staff use the app to manage their day and the Operations team uses the CellTrak Operational Team Portal to quickly adjust coverage and improve productivity.

  • Prove care delivery with electronic visit verification
  • Improve field force management, including reducing missed visits, and response time with staff location monitoring, real-time alerts, and secure messaging
  • Lower costs with shortest route calculation and automated travel expense reporting




CellTrak VisitManager includes all TimeManager functionality and adds access to patient-specific service plans,  simple  forms, and secure real-time communication to improve and optimize the delivery of services by aides and PSWs.

  • Document the delivery of each service at the point-of-care with lists of required and optional tasks
  • Gather data and comments that can lead to better outcomes with accurate visit notes
  • Highlight changes in condition with intelligent alerts




CellTrak CareManager includes all VisitManager functionality and adds capabilities for coordinators of clinical care via role-based secure access for the entire care team, clinical alerts and trending, assessments, surveys, and more. 

  • Intervene sooner and more effectively to improve outcomes and reduce readmissions with clinical indicator tracking and trending
  • Enable more time for patient care and reduce errors with on-device assessments and other complex forms
  • Coordinate care with portal access to patient care records for all care team members


Accurate Mobile Visit Verification, Time and Mileage
Up-to-Date Patient Information      
Up-to-Date Schedules      
Mobile Visit Verification      
GPS-Based Mileage Calculations      
Staff Location Visibility      
Time Tracking      
Secure Messaging      
Support for Cluster/Shared Care      
Real-Time Alerts, Operational Dashboards, Workflow Automation, and Reporting via the CellTrak Operations Team Portal      
Integration with Back Office Systems and EMRs via CellTrak HealthLink      
Efficient, Effective Delivery of Personal Services
Up-to-Date Services Plans      
Point-of-Care Services Documentation      
Custom Forms      
Service Delivery Compliance Tracking      
Secure Photo Capture      
Condition Management and Outcome Improvement
Up-to-Date Clinical Care Plans      
Point-of-Care Clinical Documentation      
Custom Assessments      
Care Delivery Compliance Tracking      
Real-Time Change-in-Condition Alerts; Multi-Disciplinary Patient Records with Care and Service Information; and Secure Access for Coordinators, Planners, Families, and Guardians via the CellTrak Team Portal   Optional