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CellTrak Software: Mobile Applications

A complete mobile solution for office and field staff

The CellTrak Care Delivery Management solution includes three role-based mobile apps, each designed to meet the different needs of different types of staff and caregivers. By ensuring everyone has the tools they need to perform their roles, agencies can operate more efficiently, deliver care more effectively, and enjoy happier, more satisfied employees.

Our mobile applications work on leading iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10 devices with any cellular carrier’s plans. No internet coverage? No problem. The applications store data on the device until WiFi or cellular service is available.

Care Coordination Mobile Applications


Targeted Role: Any Caregiver

CellTrak TimeManager enables agencies to improve care delivery, reduce costs, and efficiently manage a distributed workforce. Field staff use the application to manage their day, while the operations team uses the CellTrak Operational Team Portal to quickly adjust coverage and improve productivity by up to 25%.

“CellTrak lowered mileage reimbursement and late start visits.”

  • Improve compliance with reliable proof-of-visit via GPS-based Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Improve field force management and response times and reduce late/missed visits with staff location monitoring, real-time alerts, and secure messaging
  • Increase visits per caregiver by 10% or more by improving communication and care coordination
  • Lower mileage costs by more than 20% with shortest route calculation and automated travel expense reporting
Download TimeManager PDF


Targeted Role: Aides and PSWs

CellTrak VisitManager includes all TimeManager functionality and adds access to patient-specific service plans, simple forms, and secure, real-time communication to improve and optimize the delivery of services by aides and PSWs.

"Efficiency in documentation, mileage tracking, ease-of-use, and great technical support.”

  • Document the delivery of each service at the point-of-care with lists of required and optional tasks
  • Gather data and comments that can lead to better outcomes with accurate visit notes
  • Highlight changes in condition with intelligent alerts
  • Deliver more consistent care delivery via up-to-date client information, schedules, and service plans
  • Add a second level of verification with Near-Field Communication (NFC) fobs, client signatures, or secure photos
  • Cost-effective alternate EVV option with IVR telephony
Download VisitManager PDF


Targeted Role: Clinicians and Care Coordinators

CellTrak CareManager includes all VisitManager functionality and adds capabilities for coordinators of clinical care. Role-based secure access for the entire care team provides clinical alerts and trending, assessments, surveys, and more. 

“The magic of this system is seeing how nurses use the data to shape care.”
  • Intervene sooner and more effectively to improve outcomes and reduce readmissions with clinical indicator tracking and trending
  • Enable more time for patient care and reduce errors with easy point-of-care documentation, including on-device assessments, forms, and surveys
  • Coordinate care with portal access to patient care records for all care team members
  • Enhance communication with real-time secure messaging between caregivers and office staff
  • Save administrative costs and time with streamlined workflow and automated data flow to back-office systems
Download CareManager PDF

Match the CellTrak app to each individual's needs

(For: Any Caregiver)
(For: Aides and PSWs)
(For: Clinicians and Care Coordinators)
Real-Time Communication and Caregiver Visibility
Up-to-Date Patient Information      
Up-to-Date Schedules      
Mobile Visit Verification      
GPS-Based Mileage Calculations      
Staff Location Visibility      
Time Tracking      
Secure Messaging      
Support for Cluster/Shared Care      
Real-Time Alerts, Operational Dashboards, Workflow Automation, and Reporting via the CellTrak Operations Team Portal      
Integration with Back-Office Systems and EMRs via CellTrak HealthLink      
Efficient, Effective Delivery of Personal Services
Up-to-Date Services Plans      
Point-of-Care Services Documentation      
Custom Forms      
Service Delivery Compliance Tracking      
Secure Photo Capture      
Condition Management and Outcome Improvement
Up-to-Date Clinical Care Plans      
Point-of-Care Clinical Documentation      
Custom Assessments      
Care Delivery Compliance Tracking      
Real-Time Change-in-Condition Alerts; Multi-Disciplinary Patient Records with Care and Service Information; and Secure Access for Coordinators, Planners, Families, and Guardians via the CellTrak Team Portal   Optional  
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