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Operations Team Portal


CellTrak Makes Care Delivery Agile and Efficient

Now you can empower your Operations Team to reduce costs, improve compliance, and increase productivity. With the CellTrak Operations Team Portal, they’ll have the data they need to manage care and service delivery in real-time and optimize it over time.

Clear, configurable real-time alerts, maps with client and staff locations, secure messaging, broadcast messaging, and other features will let your team know what is happening in the field right now — enabling them to respond quickly and efficiently. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce missed visits, late starts, mileage expenses, and overtime, among other operating concerns. Improving operational efficiencies allows your team to improve care quality by making it easy to proactively monitor and manage late visits, allow visibility to staff safety by highlighting visits running long, and increases productivity by streamlining alert investigation and resolution.

Automation of the end-of-shift, end-of-day and end-of month activity between the field and the office is well-supported, saving time and reducing errors and reconciliations. Quick links to compose messages with the staff name prefilled, schedule filters, and timeline maps are provided. A 30-day scorecard with results versus your care delivery objectives is produced automatically, reporting at various levels including overall, by branch, and by caregiver, giving you the data you need to optimize delivery. You'll be able to quantify issues like under-and over-serving, analyze schedule efficiency to improve visits per caregiver, and identify caregiver's training and coaching needs. And, the data is saved and searchable, enabling fast, accurate responses to questions about care delivery and for audits.

Once your team has experienced the success that visibility and rich information enable, they’ll wonder how they ever worked without the CellTrak Operations Team Portal. 


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