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Support for Mandated EVV

Comply with Government or Payer Mandates of Specific EVV Vendors

CellTrak is an advocate of “open standards” for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). When governments and payers/funders employ open standards, they can receive the verification data they want while providers continue to have the freedom to choose the software they use to run their operations.

But, that isn’t always the case. if your organization is required by law or by a payer/funder to use a specific vendor’s EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) product for some or all of your business, CellTrak can help.

Just as CellTrak interfaces with leading EMRs to get up-to-date patient information and schedules, provide them to caregivers, and to return the point-of-care data caregivers collect, CellTrak can interface with a mandated EVV vendor. With that interface in place, you will be able to supply information in the required format while continuing to take advantage of all of the functionality found in CellTrak’s solution to improve health outcomes and deliver care more efficiently.

CellTrak’s support of mandated EVV removes your need to develop and maintain interfaces to meet mandates and minimizes their effect on your operations. It is most valuable to organizations that operate in many states and ones whose business includes working a client base whose care is paid for from multiple government programs or private companies. If you face that situation, you can use CellTrak’s solution to be compliant where needed while employing consistent best practices for care delivery management across all of the care you deliver.