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CellTrak TimeManager

Electronically Verify Visits and Better Manage Care Delivery

“CellTrak lowered mileage reimbursement and late start visits.”

Effective management of your distributed home or community health workforce begins with getting the basics right. Your agency can improve care and service delivery, and reduce costs, with CellTrak's TimeManager, which uses GPS technology for electronic visit verification and accurate mileage, tracks time, automates paperwork, and enables real-time responses to events in the field.

Using a connected portal, office staff gain unprecedented visibility into what is happening in the field via real-time alerts and the ability to see where each caregiver is relative to each client. They enjoy the time savings, reduced hassle, and elimination of paperwork due to streamlining and automation of everyday tasks. And, they take advantage of valuable reports that enable the optimization of care delivery. CellTrak customers experience:

  • Reliable proof-of-visit via GPS-based visit verification
  • Ability to quickly react to events in the field and reduce the variation in care 
  • Improved care coordination and increased visits per caregiver by 10% or more
  • Reduced mileage costs by more than 20% versus self-reported

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