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The Value of Care Delivery Management

Productivity, compliance, cost, communication, and care

CellTrak drives measurable, meaningful results for all stakeholders in the delivery of in-home and in-community care, including:

  • Home health, hospice, and community care agencies
  • Health systems and hospitals
  • Private duty organizations
  • Pre- and post-acute care providers
  • Private payers
  • Accountable care organizations
  • Managed care organizations
  • Government payers

From caregivers to clinical directors … from operations to the C-suite … our Care Delivery Management solution helps our customers improve care quality, increase compliance, enhance communication, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Bottom line, our customers see a meaningful difference in the results they achieve.

Measuring value for providers

We improve financial results via easy-to-use software and expert support. By putting the right technology and the right information in the right hands, we create the foundation for long-term workflow optimization, superior field force management, and transformation of agile agencies.

  • Reduce both hard and soft costs
  • Improve reliability of service delivery
  • Reduce risk and improve compliance

Measuring value for private and government payers

The benefits of in-home and in-community care are undeniable for improving patient outcomes and containing the escalating cost of care. We help payer organizations monitor network providers and better manage the delivery of care via automated workflows, point-of-care documentation, and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

  • Improve care outcomes
  • Enhance agency accountability
  • Improve agency compliance
  • Leverage reliable data to continually improve results
  • Drive efficiency