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Measuring CellTrak's Impact for Private and Government Payers

The shift to a value-based health care model places pressure on providers and payers to increase care quality and decrease costs. The new focus to manage care has created risk, and payers must now select reliable providers and continually monitor their performance.

CellTrak helps payer organizations reduce risk and monitor network providers by automating and connecting the flow of data from the point-of-care, including Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). This increases compliance and efficiency and improves the care delivery management of in-home and in-community services within networks.

By offering more clarity on operational metrics and provider performance, we create the foundation for sustainable network growth, greater emphasis on cost-competitive services, and increased value for patients.

CellTrak’s Care Delivery Management Solution creates the visibility, accountability and insights that drive greater payer-provider synergy and set a foundation to lower costs, improve outcomes, and deliver both results and value.

How providers use CellTrak
CellTrak managed care software facilitates the delivery of in-home services via three key components:
  1. Mobile apps keep caregivers connected while out in the field:
  2. Desktop portals give care coordinators and office staff real-time insights:
    • CellTrak Care Team Portal provides care information, including assessments, charts/trends, and visit histories
    • CellTrak Operations Team Portal provides service updates, alerts/messages, staff locations, and field force management support

  3. Complete data integration:
    • CellTrak HealthLink connects with 20+ back-office systems (payroll, scheduling, billing, and EHRs) to ensure reliable, accurate, and timely flow of data

CellTrak Operations and Care Team Portals

Whereas CellTrak enables providers to prove they deliver outstanding care, CellTrak empowers payers to easily visualize the care being delivered across their provider networks.

When payers mandate/recommend providers utilize CellTrak in their daily operations, payers gain important benefits:

  1. Payers have access to CellTrak Care Team and Operations Team Portals, which allow payers to access the delivered care and operational data collected by the agencies.

  2. Payers have access to CellTrak mobile apps, which allow payers to communicate directly with specific caregivers, members, and families (optional service).

  3. CellTrak HealthLink integrates with the payer’s back-office systems to ensure the integrity and continuity of data.

Risk Mitigation:

  • GPS-enabled Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) ensures justification of provider charges and costs
  • Monitor real-time information on changes in member condition and services provided
  • Intervene in real-time if member needs are not being met and outcomes are at risk


  • Enforce compliance before payment and ensure 100% utilization of authorization
  • "Own" the communication channel between caregivers, members, and families
  • Real-time visibility ensures the right amount of services are delivered to ensure the right outcomes

Operating Efficiency:

  • Improved provider productivity drives operating cost savings
  • Intuitive user interfaces and automated data flow reduce administrative burden
  • Adaptable infrastructure for broad-based, real-time care coordination and optimization across provider networks

Organizational Transparency:

  • Secure communications and data sharing keep everyone on the same page in real time
  • Management reports facilitate analysis of service delivery strengths and weaknesses across the network, as well as by agency, by service category, and even by caregiver

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