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CellTrak VisitManager

Transform How Your Agency Delivers Health Care and Services

“Efficiency in documentation, mileage tracking, ease-of-use, and great technical support.”

You can make delivering care and services in homes and the community more efficient and more effective with CellTrak VisitManager. From accurate, GPS-based electronic visit verification to up-to-date schedules to easy point-of-care documentation to real-time alerts to automated, accurate mileage, VisitManager enables your agency to deliver outstanding service and reduce costs.

Valuable reports enable optimization of care delivery, including analysis of performance versus KPIs and identification of where over- and under-serving occurs. Using a web browser, office staff gain unprecedented visibility into what is happening in the field via real-time alerts and the ability to see where each caregivier is relative to each client.

Leaders at thousands of home care, hospice and community care agency locations provide CellTrak VisitManager to their aides and volunteers. They know they can rely on a solution that is already used to manage the delivery of care in over one million visits each week. CellTrak customers experience:

  • More consistent care delivery via up-to-date client information, schedules, and service plans
  • Reliable proof-of-visit via GPS-based mobile visit verification
  • Gains in care coordination efficiency
  • Reduced mileage costs, typically more than 20%, versus self-reported
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