How Care Delivery Software Helps Agency Caregivers

Dec 6, 2016 8:31:45 AM

For the typical home care agency caregiver, providing care consumes only a sliver of time. The majority of time is spent checking the schedule, travelling to client homes, reviewing the care plan, verifying visits, reporting mileage, and adding notes from visits.

Implementing the right care delivery software can change this all.

happy-team-300px.jpg“I used to spend two to three hours after my shift officially ended just on documenting work,” explained one Hospice at Home paraprofessional. Once documentation is completed, most caregivers must then drive their completed paperwork back to the office, which is time consuming and adds mileage expenses to their reimbursements.

Consider for a moment each of these individual time-stealers. If any one of them could be completed faster on every visit, how much of a productivity boost would that deliver over the course of a week, month, or year? How much happier would your caregivers be if their mundane tasks were easier, faster, and more accurate?

As an example, let’s look at the impact of using a mobile solution. While out in the field, a caregiver should be able to electronically verify visits using GPS, view up-to-the-moment schedules and care plans, track time and mileage automatically, document at point-of-care, and complete surveys, forms, and assessments during the visit.

“And now, when I finish my last appointment, I’m done, and I can go home to my family. I love my job!”

Your caregivers will quickly adapt and appreciate the automation and real-time information made available to them through the mobile care delivery management solution. More importantly than the time saved will be the feeling of connection to the office staff and other caregivers.

Learn how Hospice at Home realized operational efficiencies and improved staff satisfaction.

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