Interactive Voice Response

CellTrak’s IVR allows your staff to use voice and touch‐tone input on their clients’ landline phones to document their time and care plans.

Using IVR at Client - 20190331 Final-1080p
  • Capture actual start and end of scheduled patient visits
  • Caller ID alert matching with mismatch alerts
  • Capture patient service refusal or not seen/not found
  • Document task completion
  • Calculate travel using estimated best route
  • Travel mode adjustments
  • On call adjustments
  • Capture errand miles
  • Secure and HIPPA compliant
  • Multi-language support

A Quick Comparison of IVR to Mobile

  CellTrak IVR CellTrak Mobile
Pre-requisites Patient cell or landline Staff must have a mobile device
EVV method Caller ID match GPS and /or NFC – patient signature optional
Activity types Scheduled patient visits
End of Day/Shift
Scheduled/unscheduled patient visits
Scheduled/unscheduled non-patient visits
End of Day/Shift
Schedule delivery & updates Manual Near real time, several days ahead
Care Documentation Task reporting Task reporting
Travel Distance to Visit Estimated (best route) Estimated (best route)
On-device Odometer
Travel Time to Visit Estimated (best route)
Time between visits
Estimated (best route)
Time between visits
Errand Miles (in-activity travel distance) Self-reported Self-reported
Secure Messaging Not Supported Between office and other care team members