CellTrak LearningManager™

LearningManager is a structured training solution that gets your field and office staff up and running on CellTrak software quickly and cost-effectively. LearningManager's optional offerings give you the flexibility to tailor your learning and development solution to meet your agency's goals.

CellTrak LearningManager

You’ll find training courses, how-to, tips and other resources to help you use your CellTrak Care Delivery Management Solution effectively. It’s always available: any time, any day.

Use comprehensive, role-specific resources

LearningManager content includes CellTrak developed videos, reference guides, and role-specific curriculums for targeted, relevant training.

Demonstration videos provide step-by-step directions for common tasks for caregivers and other staff. Access to content is limited by role so users only see the training they need.

Train any staff, any time, via any device

Whether for new hire onboarding, ongoing training, or a quick refresher, training is accessible with an online platform.

Improve onboarding with just in time training to provide new hires access to training before day one on the job. Equip your staff with resource to get ongoing training as they need it.

Save money on training and spend more time providing care with on-demand training

  • Make training available when your staff needs it.
  • Reduce mileage expenses and free up caregivers to spend more time with clients.

Manage Onboarding and Training Initiatives

Managers can easily monitor individual progress and get feedback. Ensure staff are educated, informed and prepared to deliver outstanding care.

LearningManager provides completion tracking and assessments to provide tools to manage the outcomes of your training initiatives.

CellTrak LearningManager™ Add-on Services

LearningManger Add-on Services enable you to extend the value of LearningManager with options to tailor content, add content to Learning Manager, and deliver CellTrak content with your own LMS.

CellTrak Content Customization

  • CellTrak content is tailored with your agency’s terminology, workflows, and branding
  • Create adoption tools like videos to generate excitement
  • Improve comprehension, retention, and recall with customizing training content
  • CellTrak specialists design and develop tailored CellTrak demonstration videos, animated videos, and/or reference guides
  • Voice overs can be in English, Spanish, French and Russian

Animated videos, which engage learners, can be customized

Get access and admin training to create and manage a library of your unique content, such as courses, policies and procedures.

Develop your program with content hosting

  • Use CellTrak LearningManager as your LMS and streamline your learning and development
  • Provide all relevant learning and development content on one familiar platform
  • Get administrative access to manage your unique content alongside CellTrak’s
  • Save money by using LearningManager as your LMS for half the cost to implement and maintain a LMS

Source File Delivery Service

  • Get CellTrak LearningManager reference materials and demonstration videos in editable formats and every update for editing and delivery on your LMS
  • Manage content while maintaining your own LMS as the single access point for training
  • Fine-tune training and support continuous performance improvement
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Get editable formats of CellTrak LearningManager content to deliver on your own LMS to manage and maintain both content and delivery.