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Straightforward EVV compliance

CellTrak supports agencies with regulatory expertise and a flexible technology solution which can be used for EVV compliance in every open state. Agencies who rely on CellTrak do more than just “check the box” – they implement a solution that helps them operate more efficiently, protect caregivers, and advocate for beneficiaries.

Overwhelmingly, states are implementing an Open EVV model which gives providers the opportunity to choose the approach that best supports their operation. Provider agencies must comply with unique requirements in every state where they deliver EVV-mandated services.

Wondering where to start?

Providers have two main responsibilities to comply with the EVV mandate: collect point of care data, and relay required information to the state or MCO that mandates it.

Agencies across the United State rely on CellTrak to manage care delivery in the home and community. Interoperability with any state aggregator as well as existing EMR systems enables providers to comply without burdensome manual processes or disruption to their existing operations. Learn more about:

  • Collecting the right data at the point of care
  • Correct, compliant data relay to the state aggregator
  • Selecting an EMR-Integrated EVV solution that functions within your current workflow
  • Benefits of care delivery management, beyond check-the-box EVV compliance

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State-Specific Guidance for EVV Compliance

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