Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Support

Comply with government and payer EVV mandates

For a variety of reasons, including reducing fraud and the desire to collect certain types of data, some government entities and payers have implemented regulations and mandates that require Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) of home care visits.

We are an advocate for "open" EVV. However, we do provide support for all types of EVV, in three important ways described below.

CellTrak is an advocate for “open” EVV

Along with many other industry leaders, CellTrak is an advocate of open standards for EVV.

With an open standard, governments and payers receive the data they require, and providers have the freedom to choose the software that best meets their needs.

However, some governments and payers have adopted a “closed” standard, which means that providers must use a specified vendor’s software to collect data at the point-of-care and/or to send data to a database managed by a specific vendor.

CellTrak provides support for all types of EVV

CellTrak is an approved Alternate EVV Vendor in the state of Ohio.

If your organization is required to do Electronic Visit Verification, CellTrak’s Care Delivery Management solution makes it easy for you to comply, as well as to improve care quality and operate more efficiently, whether you operate under open standards, closed standards, or a mix of both.

As a result, CellTrak is an especially attractive solution for organizations whose patients and clients are funded from multiple programs. With CellTrak, you can deploy the same best practices, get the same information for care delivery management, and have the same information available for reviews and audits across your full census.

CellTrak supports EVV in three ways

  1. CellTrak’s mobile apps and IVR are used by hundreds of agencies to collect EVV and other real-time data at the point of care.

    The mobile apps work in and out of cellular coverage and use the GPS capabilities built into each caregiver’s phone or tablet to accurately record the location of a visit, its start time, and its duration. In addition, CellTrak’s mobile apps provide you with many other benefits, including up-to-date client information, schedules and care plans, as well as the ability to easily document and share a record of care delivered and changes in condition.

  2. CellTrak’s Operations Team Portal accepts data from the CellTrak mobile apps and IVR, and also from point-of-care technology provided by other companies.

    If your agency is required to use a specific EVV provider at the point of care, the data can appear alongside data collected by CellTrak in your standard workflow and reports, be stored in the database so it is available for audits, and be passed along to your EMR. As result, you can achieve EVV compliance where you need it, and deploy the same best practices and streamlined workflow across all of your operations.

    Further, CellTrak’s Operations Team Portal is used by care coordinators and other office staff to manage and coordinate care in real time, to make care delivery more efficient over time, and to respond to audits and other requests for information.

  3. CellTrak’s software provides integration with mandated data aggregators as well as EMRs, regardless of how the data is collected at the point of care.

    CellTrak is currently working with data aggregators and MCOs across the United States to build interfaces that enable agencies to meet EVV requirements. By handling the integration with state- and MCO-mandated data aggregators for you, CellTrak eliminates the need for providers or their technology partners to spend resources developing and maintaining interfaces on their own.

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