Automated Supply Replenishment System Released for use

May 15, 2012 4:26:43 AM

Leading Home Care service provider expands usage with new solution from CellTrak

ParaMed Home Health Care, in collaboration with CellTrak Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce the development and launch of an innovative mobile health care application that leverages the productivity features of BlackBerry and other SmartPhone devices. The new application includes supply order replenishment tools for home and community care staff.

The application is built upon the CellTrak homecare platform that enables advanced enterprise capabilities to capture and analyze real-time data and trends in home care with security and confidentiality that aligns with required personal health care information. Supply Order Replenishment is the next module released from the eCare Manager suite of products.

"We have successfully completed user testing with extremely positive feedback from our nurses," said Sue Pearl-Agar, Vice-President. "We are now expanding beyond the pilot phase where nurses are engaged in shaping the application that can adapt to their nursing practice."

ParaMed has embraced evidence-based practice for many years and has been successful with the robust features of CellTrak; however, "This step forward transforms nursing practice and establishes a new foundation, further enhancing the automated services that can be provided by the staff in the homes regarding supply reordering and replenishment." says Cheryl Reid-Haughian, Director, Professional Practice, Knowledge and Innovation.

The new supply order solution has been implemented so that there's one centralized item catalog used for all Community Care Access Centres (CCACs). However, each CCAC will require its own SKU used when submitting the order for fulfillment. This mapping process will occur on the server and won't need to be done on the mobile device, which in turn increases the dynamic ability to update the supply catalogs while insuring that only approved items can be ordered and reimbursed. Additionally, the item catalog will be accessed on the mobile device via dynamically-built select boxes. This makes it possible for the smartphone device to receive catalog updates via a sync rather than a complete catalog project reload.

Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak shared, "ParaMed continues to rapidly expand their usage of mobile solutions for the home and community care staff as they build toward a fully automated mobile electronic health record platform for the enterprise," adding, "Solutions like the automated supply ordering replenishment system expand upon the CellTrak eCare home and community care platform which allows ParaMed to continue to rapidly innovate and deliver new tools for their front line staff."

CellTrak eliminates inefficient, error-prone paper-based reporting processes, and provides automated patient specific care plans and visit records. Combined with GPS mileage monitoring and automated visit verification CellTrak automates workflow, improves compliance, reduces costs and helps you improve outcomes at the point of care. This innovative approach to mobile health applications opens up a broad range of point of care solutions.

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