Bristol Hospice Focuses on Patient Care not Paperwork

Dec 20, 2010 4:40:55 AM

Schaumburg, IL -- (News Wire) – December 20, 2010 CellTrak Technologies and Bristol Hospice’s roll out of the real time point of care solution, has provided benefits to everyone who touches the CellTrak service. From the field staff to the schedulers and administrators they all have gained a benefit by knowing that cellular automation at the point of care helps deliver better patient outcomes.

Everyone at Bristol Hospice cannot believe they worked with paper and manual processes for as long as they did. CellTrak and the service its providing has changed the way Bristol Hospice’s staff keep in contact with their daily patient visits provided by the field staff. Scheduling has never been easier than it is now with automation from Suncoast Solutions out to CellTrak solution running on BlackBerry devices in the field. Phone calls and faxes for changes are a thing of the past since Bristol Hospice began using CellTrak this past fall.

Bristol Hospice had some concerns about installing and getting buy-in from staff when they rolled out this new wireless technology. But in the end the operations team at CellTrak paved the way for another smooth implementation and all concerns were eliminated. Bristol Hospice saw that the documentation provided by CellTrak for the staff members as well as the leadership gave them all a level of confidence when they automated the documentation and scheduling system. In the end, it’s that knowledge capital provided by CellTrak to all of its clients that allows their clients to move from contract to a live state within a 60 day period, a goal CellTrak strives for with each and every new client.

Christie Franklin President and CEO of Bristol stated: “Everything about the CellTrak service has been positive since the moment we decided to move forward throughout the entire rollout of our first branch office. Our field staff as well as our leadership team all agree and are very glad that they are using this technology and are very positive about the results.”

Jeanette Dove, VP of Clinical Quality Management noted that “Compliance is a key with the new CMS rules out next year. The CellTrak solution supports our visit scheduling and documentation compliance.”

CellTrak, Suncoast Solutions and BlackBerry have been working together since 2008 to enable integrated and easy to use solutions that automate work flow, improve compliance, reduce costs and improve outcomes at the point of care.

Teresa R. Craig, CEO of Suncoast Solutions highlighted that “We are pleased Bristol Hospice has joined our clients who have implemented CellTrak. Along with the cost savings, efficiencies and improved compliance of the electronic health record, they have also gained the ability to better meet the needs of patients and families facing end of life issues. The power of on-time documentation gives each hospice the power to care and improve quality at the end of life. We are pleased to be able to provide these tools to enhance patient care.”

Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak mentioned “CellTrak strives to take the worry out of our implementations for clients, by using our best practices for deploying mobile mHealth technology. CellTrak continues to evolve and advance our technology platform to continue to gain better patient outcomes for our clients and provide real time info to all care team members as we have at Bristol today.”

About Bristol Hospice

At Bristol Hospice, LLC, locations, we provide a bridge in the continuum of care delivery system; focusing on the pain and symptom management related to end-of-life needs. Our focus is on providing a family centered approach in the delivery of hospice services throughout our communities. Bristol Hospice, LLC, currently operates four provider locations in California, Utah, and Hawaii. Additional expansion of operations is planned for the future.

About Suncoast Solutions

Suncoast Solutions is a comprehensive software tool that provides the power to care for hospices and home health agencies. The enterprise wide operating system includes electronic health records, CRM, accounting, billing, reporting and much more to manage the full breadth of processes and related programs as patients move in an out of each phase of the care continuum. One of every four hospice patients in the US today is served by a program using Suncoast Solutions. For more information visit the website at

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