CellTrak™ Achieves Major Milestone in roll-out of Latest Platform

Aug 12, 2014 3:21:39 AM

New innovations combine high tech and high-touch enabling more personalized and responsive care

Schaumburg, IL (August 12, 2014) – Earlier today CellTrak Technologies, Inc. announced the achievement of a major milestone in the release and roll-out of its latest mobile applications platform for home and community care. To date the new platform has delivered over 1 million successful homecare visits.

Homecare is at the forefront of improving the access to healthcare across the care continuum and continues to be a major focus area for growth in staff and focus across healthcare. CellTrak has been providing industry leading solutions for homecare and hospice for the past nine years. Homecare services include both medical and skilled nursing services and personal care services; including bathing, condition management, wellness, nutrition, and transportation services. Home health care can also include other services such as medical equipment and supplies, physical therapy and psychological services.

The new platform is now in use across the United States, Canada and Europe in over 100 agency office locations by more than 3,000 healthcare professionals. The new platform builds off of the original CellTrak solution and includes an expansive array of new feature functions to enable the effective delivery of healthcare services.

“In an environment where patient care and improvement is front and center and provider agencies going paperless has become table stakes, CellTrak has worked with the industry to develop these easy to use new features that help improve the accuracy of care delivery every day,” shared Michael K. Wons president and CEO of CellTrak Technologies.

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CellTrak solutions include a native mobile application that runs on any device and network and includes a powerful new integrated healthcare workflow engine featuring industry leading interoperability with other systems, CellTrak Portal solutions for staff and agency management and the new Healthcare Team Portal that enables care team and family collaboration. Available via one of the product families; CellTrak VisitManager™, TimeManager™ and CareManager™ the new solutions raise the bar on flexible and easy to use robust technology for healthcare workers. Secured messaging, photo capture and remote device management capabilities are enabled with the new platform that includes new alert-driven management, care coordination and outcome management solutions.

Alert Driven Management = Accuracy & Efficiency

This new feature includes the ability to set operational, clinical and systems alerts that improve quality and risk management for clients and staff. Alert driven workflow improves the agency efficiency in care delivery and preventing errors. Agency offices are sent targeted, actionable alerts via email and text to get real time insight into the performance of any visit. If an agency is dealing with underperformance issues or workforce scheduling challenges, alerts are sent to operations as to why this is happening, finance gets alerts on travel time and mileage optimization while systems receives alerts on device usage, data and security.

“Technology can assist in reducing hospital admissions and re-admissions by providing more continuous information to the agency and to the clinician because you get daily information on the patient's vital signs and status. Versus the intermittent information that one might get when a nurse is going in one or two times per week.” added Maxine Hochhauser, Sr. VP Business Operations at Amedisys.

Care Coordination = Right care at the right time

The goal of coordinated care is to make sure that patients/clients get the right care at the right time, while avoiding unnecessary duplication of services and preventing unnecessary readmissions. When care teams collaborate, the patient benefits because they will be working together to deliver the right care at the right time in the right setting. The new solution enables homecare providers to dispatch the right person for the needed care allowing for earlier interventions and preventing unnecessary hospital admissions by leveraging the integrated GPS features of the solution, thus allowing care providers manage care delivery and condition management much more efficiently.

“A big challenge for us is to make sure that our care delivery is more consistent. All of our visits and aides are conducting their services in a more uniform fashion. The technology solutions available today make it much easier for us to deliver a set of protocols and processes to our direct care staff so that they can be more consistent. I would say that the other big advantage and that is the corresponding data capture that we are able to get from the technology at the point of care every time a visit is completed. That data allows us to identify the gaps in consistency in how the care is delivered rather than in a paper based system where we are trying to find that needle in a haystack. It clearly points us to the areas where care has been inconsistent and can quickly identify and take action to close those gaps.” - Darby Anderson Senior Vice President for Addus HealthCare.

Outcome Management = Preventive and Enhanced Client Care

Outcome management escalates issues and prevents readmissions all in the interest and goal of keeping the care in home. The data gathered in a common way and shared across the care team helps provide the data necessary to adjust care programs and plan for the best care possible in the future. This solution enables caregivers to better influence patient outcomes with the knowledge available at their fingertips in real-time.

“The biggest action that is ongoing now is staying in touch with the patient in the immediate days following the hospitalization. For those individuals where you're trying to avoid an initial hospitalization of care, good management involving a team of people from family members to the pharmacist to the physicians and nurses and other practitioners in home care. Staying in touch with the patient goes a long way from avoiding that individual with a chronic condition having an acute exacerbation and a costly hospitalization”, William A. Dombi, National Association for Homecare and Hospice, Vice-President for Law

Darby Anderson Senior Vice President for Addus HealthCare added, “The increasing use of technology, CellTrak’s solution, as well as other solutions, in home care is going to be playing a significantly increasing role in helping us to bridge the medical and social model worlds of home care. It is imperative that we bridge that gap in order to coordinate services in a more effective way, lowering costs and avoiding acute care utilization and increasing health outcomes, improving health outcomes for the consumers that we serve.”

CellTrak offers a family of mobile solutions built on the needs and input from the healthcare continuum. With solutions that start with an easy to use mobile device to empower your workforce to dynamically manage care delivery, care planning/coordination, and care team collaboration. CellTrak includes portal applications that provide real-time visibility and action for your entire care team. Importantly, CellTrak enables any size agency a custom fit solution to allow more time spent on care and less on paperwork and redundant work. Together, CellTrak and leading Homecare providers across the globe partner to provide safety and better care for those in need.

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