CellTrak Announces Latest Release 1.70 and new Visit Verification Feature for all Clients

Jul 12, 2009 5:45:27 AM

Schaumburg – July 12, 2009 –CellTrak Technologies Inc, a leading provider of Home Care and Hospice Automation and Compliance solutions via cellular mobile and GPS technologies, announced the release of their new patent pending Visit Verification Feature in their latest CellTrak release 1.70.

Today, in order to know if a home health aide has visited the patient or not, you either have to have a signature on paper, or with CellTrak older versions a agency would have to look at several pieces of information (visit started time or visit completed time) and then reference the map page, study the information and draw a conclusion. Telephony systems cannot prove
With 1.7, we have a configuration and can attenuate the CellTrak application to the patients home Geo Fence. Via our exclusive “push pin” mapping feature, if the home is in a new neighborhood we can identify the latitude and longitude of the home and the solution will work. If in fact the visit was not started or completed within this range of where patient is, an alert is automatically generated and presented on the CellTrak web portal. The keyword is automatic.

Other key 1.70 enhancements include:

  • New ways of measuring and managing mileage and travel time. We now have 3 ways for an agency to choose how their mileage can be measured: the shortest distance, GPS on device mileage, self-reported (for exception handling) and the supervisors can override any value. What the agency desires to collect is what they will get, all are configurable.
  • View of weekly schedules – that is how most agencies can truly eliminate paper schedules. Today’s and tomorrow’s schedules were just not enough. CellTrak recognized that fact and worked with their partners to allow a full 7 days on the display of the device.
  • Ability to document narrative comments for each visit. Free form text embedded in the visit note.
  • Support of multiple visit reason codes, billable or not billable.
  • The ability to review the patient specific plan of care before starting a visit.
  • Better support for Non-Patient Visits and Visit Finish screens. We can document Non-patient visit for mileage only or for time only. Examples include: As a chaplain they can visit a funeral home and claim mileage, or travel time or a RN can spend 2 hours at home and work on patient chart. Both can be documented in CellTrak.
  • Support both numeric and alpha-numeric patient identifiers (i.e. MRN)
  • Improved security to protect PHI.
  • Support IE8 and Firefox browsers for the first time.
  • The solution is currently in use today and clients are upgrading to gain better accountability, compliance and productivity with their CellTrak service.

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