CellTrak Announces Verizon Network Capabilities and New Certified Device

Aug 18, 2009 6:11:12 AM

Schaumburg – August 18, 2009 – CellTrak Technologies Inc, the leading provider of Home Care and Hospice cellular automation solutions for the field force, announced today that they now operate on the Verizon Network. The new BlackBerry™ “Tour” device allows Verizon network clients the ability to use the CellTrak application for better accountability and productivity of their field staff. The CellTrak partnership with RIM and with the release of CellTrak v1.70 last month, allows CellTrak to work on the Verizon, and most North American cellular networks with ALL of the CellTrak features including GPS.

The easy to use CellTrak service works on a standard cell phone as well as BlackBerry™ devices and automates time and attendance, travel time and mileage for all field personnel. CellTrak’s paperless automation allows schedules as well as patient specific care plans to be delivered, viewed and answered right on the device.

Agencies across America are taking advantage of CellTrak to get information in real time from the point of care back into their offices. With GPS capabilities in the devices, their field staff safety is increased due to mapping and monitoring functionality built into CellTrak. There is no reason to carry paper for visits and they do not have to fill out the many agency forms associated with mileage & travel time reimbursement, time cards or paper visit records. Compliance is increased due to the fact the paraprofessional in the field must complete all tasks prior to leaving the patients home. CellTrak is an automated and secure time saving service that increases compliance while reducing expenses. CellTrak is the #1 cellular solution in healthcare, and the best way to automate and eliminate paper and manual process expenses in home health today. CellTrak currently integrates with many of the existing clinical management systems, that are used in home healthcare and hospice agencies today.

Richard “Dick” Herrmann Chairman & CEO Stated: “Opening this new network will allow any home care or hospice agency in America to take advantage of CellTrak and its powerful automation capabilities. CellTrak is a safe and sure automation service for healthcare, and we expect our client base to dramatically increase due to this new network and device offering from CellTrak, your mobile healthcare experts”.

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