CellTrak Awarded Patent for Destination-Based Care Services Technology

Sep 12, 2013 4:31:11 AM

Mobile Technology Leader Expands Solution Offering

Cambridge, Ontario & Schaumburg, Illinois (September 12, 2013) – CellTrak Technologies, Inc., the industry leading provider of integrated mobile solutions for healthcare announced today that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) has issued Patent Number 2,782,272 to CellTrak. Titled “Systems and Methods for A Destination-Based Care Services Model,” the ‘272 patent is directed to, for example, aspects of using mobile technologies to facilitate shared care, clustered care or neighborhood care provided by homecare agencies at a location that contains multiple patients to be visited by one care provider.

The ‘272 patent is CellTrak’s third; the first, titled “Home Health Point-of-Care and Administration System” issued in late-2011 and the second, titled “System and Method for Facilitating Outcome Based Healthcare” issued in early 2013. The three patents are CellTrak’s initial patents to issue in a portfolio of patent applications it has pending before various patent offices, including the U.S. and Canada.

Home and Community Care’s distributed delivery environment makes accountability of care and services more challenging than in centralized, facility-based care models. The benefits of home-based care delivery are extreme, from both a cost savings and a patient results perspective. Destination based care services when delivered in a shared care model can significantly improve accountability to assure that services are being delivered to care recipients when and where providers claim they are and providers are able to manage this service delivery with reasonable, sustainable expense.

As a leading provider of destination-based care solutions, CellTrak Technologies solves the four major problems facing home healthcare agencies: visit compliance, patient specific care assessments and data collection at the point of care, staff mileage and time reimbursements and real-time scheduling communication.

“CellTrak has long been a leader in mobile healthcare with their continually expanding customer base and solutions. We have showcased the Company in our conferences and regard the issuance of this patent as recognition of the quality of CellTrak’s innovation and service,” commented Robert B. McCray, President and CEO of the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance. “As a global trade association with a mission to improve access to care via wireless connectivity, the WLSA believes that CellTrak is an example of the value to be gained at the convergence of healthcare, consumer electronics and software.”

“Our goal at CellTrak is to help unleash innovation across the industry while working as a good partner for our customers and the vendor community. The technology underlying the ‘272 patent is built upon our mobile applications platform for home and community care and leverages the most secure and robust mobile offering for healthcare workers,” shared Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak Technologies, Inc.

To view how this technology is being used a white paper entitled “Enabled Destination Based Shared Care Delivery” can be accessed at: http://www.celltrak.com/news/

CellTrak is the industry leader in mobile applications for home healthcare workers providing a full suite of workforce management capabilities. In addition to the GPS features that keep workers safe, integrated visit verification and automated mileage tracking and expense calculations streamline administrative workflow, saving time and increasing accuracy of results. Real-time access to data collection and documentation allow for better patient outcomes all from an easy to use solution running on a mobile device. The CellTrak Portal and Alert driven workflow provides supervisors and managers with a real-time view of the organization; enabling data-driven quality measures, visit compliance and staff performance management.

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