CellTrak Partnership with HEALTHCAREFirst Brings Workflow Automation Live at Horizons Hospice

Mar 27, 2009 5:47:33 AM

Schaumburg –Mar. 27th, 2009 –CellTrak Technologies Inc, a leading provider of Home Care and Hospice Automation and Compliance solutions via cellular mobile and GPS technologies, announced that Horizons Hospice has successfully implemented CellTrak services at its two major service branch offices with a live interface between CellTrak Technologies and HEALTHCAREfirst.

“Adding CellTrak to the Horizons Hospice technological toolbox has not only helped to keep us on the cutting edge of hospice services, but has helped our bottom line as well. Utilizing CellTrak in conjunction with firstHOSPICE, from HEALTHCAREfirst, has enabled us to reduce costs by eliminating our reimbursing employees for the costs of their home Internet connections, dropping mileage expenditures, as well as reducing the number of computers in the field and the associated support costs. After getting past the initial learning curve, our employees find the system to be fairly easy to use as they become more accustomed to it”, said Christopher Stewart, Director of Information Technology at Horizons Hospice.

"We continue to see very high demand for our automated services spreading to all areas of hospice and home care agencies across the nation" said Dick Herrmann CEO of CellTrak. "CellTrak service streamlines all aspects of the staff workflow from time and attendance tracking to travel/mileage management, from elimination of paper care plan and visit note to full integration of the agency’s back-office. This is the way a business should be run with demonstrable efficiency and accountability.” Dick continued, “We are also very excited to bring live our product interface with our business partner HealthCareFirst. We believe this opens a huge opportunity for both companies to work together and provide added values to HealthCareFirst customer base”.

“Progressive hospice agencies across the nation, like Horizons Hospice, are utilizing firstHOSPICE to automate their back office operations and field staff, which allows them to spend more time on patient care and less time on everything else.” said Bobby Robertson, President & CEO of HEALTHCAREfirst. Mr. Robertson added, “ The CellTrack and HEALTHCAREfirst partnership has strengthened the advantage our firstHOSPICE customers have over their competitors and we are anticipating continued strong demand and accelerated growth for both of our companies.”

About Horizons Hospice

Horizons Hospice, LLC is guided by a tradition of personal, clinical and technological excellence. We believe that serving patients in the community setting is the most important activity of the organization. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care with compassion and respect for each person. Horizons Hospice has primary offices in Altoona and Carnegie of Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit Horizons Hospice at http://horizonshospice.org.


HEALTHCAREfirst has been providing software and services exclusively to the Home Care and Hospice industries since 1992. We are 100% dedicated to providing cutting edge technologies that improve business functions to Home Care and Hospice agencies across the country. HEALTHCAREfirst's mission is to provide our clients with the tools necessary to focus on what they do best; which is provide patient care. We will handle the burden of keeping up with technology in this dynamic environment while you focus on your patients. For more information, please visit HealthCareFirst at http://www.healthcarefirst.com.

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