CellTrak Provides Accurate and Consistent Data for Allegiance Hospice in Lowell Massachusetts

Dec 1, 2008 4:36:12 AM

Chicago--(BUSINESS WIRE)—December 1, 2008 CellTrak Technologies real time point of care solution has made record keeping easier for Allegiance Hospice. With accurate and complete information the hospice has the opportunity for delivering better patient care with information that used to take a few days to get delivered with paper. Allegiance Hospice has successfully rolled out the CellTrak service to more than 70 Hospice aides.

The CellTrak service changed paper reports and self reported information into a more accurate way to collect and monitor patient visits. With shortest distance mileage and automated time and attendance, the home health aides stay more focused on the patient not on odometers and time slips. Eliminating all of this paper has also provided complete data for the administrators at Allegiance Hospice. CellTrak has increased productivity, reduced operating expenses and improved compliance. It has also helped with reducing missed visits, and has made the CMS billing much easier. The cell phones interface with Suncoast Solutions to display accurate patient visit schedules as well as care notes.

“We are very excited about this system and all of its advantages towards improving the quality of our patient care” said Jeanine Ryde RN & director of Staff Development. Jeanine also mentioned “The accuracy and consistency that the system provides has improved the quality and accuracy of our visits within the company. It has truly made our Hospice aides part of the paper less system and provides them with important client information which enhances the quality of care they already provide.”

Andrew Kaboff, Founder and Executive VP of CellTrak mentioned: “We are very excited how quickly the CellTrak solution has enabled Allegiance Hospice to increase productivity, reduce expenses, improve compliance and make billing CMS easier. We also like the fact that CellTrak plays a part in improving the quality of patient care.”

About Allegiance Hospice

Allegiance Hospice assists individuals living with an advanced illness access their hospice benefit. The company working collaboratively with other health care service providers provides a continuity of care to individuals and their families at end of life. Allegiance Hospice operates in Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire.

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