CellTrak Technologies with Home Care Automation Announces “CellTrak Pro” its new standalone service at 2008 NAHC Convention

Oct 20, 2008 5:46:13 AM

Schaumburg, IL. October 20, 2008 – CellTrak Technologies on Sunday October 12th did a remote recorded broadcast and announced it’s new service CellTrak Pro. CellTrak Pro is a standalone service where home care and hospice agencies who are currently entirely paper based can now gain the same benefits as enterprise CellTrak agencies. The CellTrak Pro service provides agencies with business activity monitoring, and paperless automation for schedules, care plans and visit records. With built in mileage management and accurate visit times CellTrak Pro can dynamically change the way an agency works with its patients and field staff. Click on the link to see & hear about this new service thru the Home Care Technologies NAHC broadcast web site. http://www.homecareautomationreport.com/article.php?id=787

The CellTrak Pro service allows agencies without any software today, to use CellTrak’s Service to eliminate their paper processes and the manual labor. Visit records and notes can be seen and printed (if required) by the agency all in real time after each daily visit. When an agency makes the move to purchase a clinical software system, the agency can be upgraded to the enterprise version of CellTrak. The New CellTrak Pro provides a gateway to CellTrak’s partner’s clinical systems. Mr. Scott Herrmann Senior VP of CellTrak Sales and Marketing said: "CellTrak needed an entry level product for the smaller agencies who want to take advantage and get better compliance and productivity. CellTrak Pro now fills the void. At NAHC this year, many agencies were still shopping for software and running their business entirely on a paper based process. In the past we did not provide smaller or new agencies a chance to benefit from CellTrak. Now with this entry level service, CellTrak Pro can be used without the enterprise software at the front and back end."

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