New Version of CellTrak Software Enables Home Care Agencies to Increase Productivity and to Be Ready for Coming Industry Changes

Jun 5, 2017 10:11:09 AM

New features and enhancements make it easier for agencies of all sizes to better manage care delivery, to meet Electronic Visit Verification requirements and to be successful with value-based care models

Schaumburg, IL – June 5, 2017 - CellTrak Technologies, the provider of the industry’s leading Care Delivery Management solution, today announced a new release of its software. This version of the software, which is used at 4,000 home care locations, includes new features and enhancements that extend CellTrak's leadership in helping agencies to be more productive in the field and the office, and to better meet the operational demands of Electronic Visit Verification and value-based care. 

“Today, every home care agency faces challenges in terms of compliance, delivery of quality care, and the productivity of their care delivery and their office operations. Additional operating challenges, including compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act and the shift to a value-based care model, are already in progress," stated Mark Battaglia, CellTrak's CEO. "CellTrak is in a unique position in the industry – today we already successfully serve large and small agencies of all types, we electronically verify visits, and we make it easy for agencies to use technology and data to improve both clinical and business outcomes. This new version, combined with a recently completed successful migration to Amazon Web Services in the US, Canada, and the UK, enables Care Coordinators to work even more efficiently, and puts into place an even stronger foundation for all agencies and payers to be successful in a data-intensive future where visibility, accountability, and high productivity are all required for ongoing success."

Visible highlights of the new version of CellTrak's Care Delivery Management software are primarily in the CellTrak Operations Team Portal, which is used by Care Coordinators and other staff to monitor activities in the field, to quickly respond to alerts in real time, and to improve care delivery over time. As was the case with the previous release, the enhancements were based on working closely with customers to understand the details of common workflows and to adapt and enhance them to further increase Coordinator productivity. 

For example, regardless of what task they are doing, Care Coordinators can instantly view relevant patient or staff information and get a snapshot of location, contact information, device information, schedules, and in-progress care and recently completed activities, and then return to the in-progress task. As a result, Care Coordinators become more responsive to staff and patients when they save time searching for information and can quickly take action that improves care quality and efficiency by viewing timeline maps, sending secure messages, resetting devices, and more. 

Additional portal enhancements improve productivity in commonly encountered scenarios such as working with online forms, handling PDFs and responding to audits.

Other notable enhancements, including facilitating rapid implementation for customers of all sizes to meet anticipated demand driven by state- and payer-specific requirements for Electronic Visit Verification and other required data, and the transition to Amazon Web Services in anticipation of larger data sets related to both widespread Electronic Visit Verification and value-based care, are also now in market. 

About CellTrak

People receive exceptional health care in their home or community when their care providers use CellTrak’s software to better manage the delivery of care and the people who deliver it. Home care, hospice, and community care agencies in the US, Canada, and the UK deliver higher quality care, communicate more effectively, improve compliance, reduce costs, and increase productivity with CellTrak. Today, CellTrak’s complete, integrated software-as-a-service solution supports one million visits per week, facilitating care delivery and real-time field force management, automating data collection, and providing information for business and care optimization. It includes apps for all types of caregivers that run on the leading mobile devices; portals for efficient coordinated care delivery by a distributed workforce; interfaces to EHRs and back office systems; and services to support adoption and optimization. For more information visit


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