CellTrak’s Outstanding Client Care gets Acknowledged by Mesilla Valley Hospice

Jan 12, 2009 4:54:34 AM

Chicago--(BUSINESS WIRE)—January 12, 2008- CellTrak Technologies clients always get the best care no matter how large or small they are. CellTrak clients range from 1000’s of home health aides and nurses to what may seem to be “tiny” (less than a dozen) aides for Mesilla Valley Hospice in New Mexico. No matter the case, every CellTrak client -even in the smallest rural areas of America- gets the same white glove courtesy and treatment when they roll out the CellTrak service or call with questions after they are implemented.

Mesilla Valley Hospice in Las Cruces, New Mexico deployed CellTrak in the spring of 2008. Although they work in a single county that covers about 3800 square miles, the customer service and training they have received from CellTrak made them feel like they are the most important client CellTrak has. Mesilla Valley Hospice rolled out the CellTrak service this past spring to their small but talented team of eight hospice aides. Although they may only have 8 field staff using CellTrak, Mesilla Valley Hospice has improved the way they do their patient visits because of CellTrak’s automated paperless service. Manual schedule updates, paper time cards and mileage reimbursement forms are a thing of the past, as it is for all clients of CellTrak. CellTrak has provided this smaller hospice with the same accurate, real time information that larger clients have taken advantage of in North America. Suncoast Solutions partnership with CellTrak Technologies Inc. has made the transition from manual processes to an automated one that is much easier for their mutual client. Lauren Coleman, Clinical Director, mentioned that “We had ideas about what CellTrak could do for an agency like ours and now we too reap the benefits of automating our field staff. We are really ‘small potatoes’ compared to everyone else that CellTrak partners with, and we now realize that they treat us the same as all of their clients. This says great things about the people at CellTrak - CellTrak’s people treat us as though we are most important thing in their life”.

Mary Bryant, Director of Client Services at CellTrak: “We hope that all of our customers feel the same way Mesilla Valley Hospice feels. Without our customers, there is no CellTrak. We strive to show all customers how much we appreciate their business by being there when they need us, just as they are there when their patients need them. Whether an agency has 8 aides or 4,000 aides, CellTrak can make a positive difference in the day-to-day operations, as well as the agency bottom line.”

About Mesilla Valley Hospice Since 1982, Mesilla Valley Hospice has been the leader in providing quality, end-of-life care to the residents of Dona Ana County, NM. As the county’s oldest non-profit hospice care provider, Mesilla Valley Hospice is able to join together families who need assistance with their inter-disciplinary team of care staff. Patients are able to receive hospice care in their homes, assisted living/ nursing home facilities, or in the residential hospice house, La Posada (which is the only facility of its kind within the state of New Mexico).

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