Coldharbour Systems and CellTrak Form Partnership to Provide Leading Edge Mobile Care Solution For UK Market

Nov 30, 2011 4:22:34 AM

Industry leaders integrate mobile applications platform and care management system providing a tightly integrated single solution

Schaumburg, IL (November 30, 2011) - CellTrak and Coldharbour Systems are pleased to announce a key partnership agreement has been signed to integrate CellTrak Mobile Care solutions directly to Coldharbour's Integrated Call Monitoring system. This new partnership has been the culmination of many years of research on mobile technology options for UK clients.

In the UK market, many suppliers have chosen to develop their own solutions on a technology called RFID (this requires data tags to be installed in the service users home) and is often tied to a single contract with a single mobile operator. Coldharbour having supplied similar solutions in the past, felt the future of mobile call monitoring and outcome based care solutions is using GPS technology.

CellTrak is honored to be working with a long time leading provider of mobile care solutions in the UK. Combined we believe the new solution will set the future direction for improved domiciliary care.

Michael K. Wons President and CEO of CellTrak

The new applications, that are available immediately to the market, include a focus on three levels: Care givers and field based workers, Facilities for office based workers, and General features for managing visit verification electronically. The mobile application is provided by CellTrak with support services and data hosting for the mobile application being provided in the UK by CellTrak.

Andy Kaboff, Founder and Vice President at CellTrak shared, "This is a very exciting development for CellTrak. By partnering with the market leading supplier of domiciliary care systems in the UK, we have an ideal opportunity to implement a combined best-of-breed solution. We have worked very closely with Coldharbour to ensure the integrating of products is aligned to group care providers' needs with Coldharbour solutions."

James Kilmister, Product Development Director at Coldharbour Systems added, "We have worked on a number of different mobile technologies and solutions and we have often had to spend considerable time with the providers aligning a general mobile application to the requirements of the industry. The key differentiator with CellTrak is that we are working with a highly competent team who thoroughly understands the market. The application is fully proven on a significant scale. This has allowed us to focus on the current tight interface protocols we require for our major clients."

In addition to the scheduling and care plan features of the new solution, another key application going forward will be the utilization of outcome based care applications to allow care teams access to client/patient information, to complete assessments and support clinical decision making. This innovative approach to mobile health applications opens up a broad range of point of care solutions building on the core products supplied by Coldharbour.

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