Healthphone selects CellTrak technology to further mobilize home and community care providers

Jun 19, 2008 5:45:49 AM

Mobile healthcare providers use ordinary cell phones to record in-home visits, view care tasks, track mileage, and manage time and attendance

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Healthphone Solutions, a leading provider of mobile-optimized software for point of care use in community healthcare settings, today announced they have selected Illinois-based CellTrak Technologies Inc. to supply an automated management service for mobile healthcare providers, expanding Healthphone’s suite of healthcare solutions. This alliance supports both companies’ goals of helping agencies increase productivity, reduce costs and enable better patient outcomes.

Healthphone’s CCMS CellTrak™ is one component of a toolkit of integrated healthcare solutions that allow mobile care providers to access client records at the point of care, wherever that may be. Along with Healthphone’s mobility-optimized, point of care solutions Mobile Wound Care™ and CCMS Mobile™, CCMS CellTrak will be a module of the TELUS Community Care Management Solution (CCMS), an electronic health record and patient management system for community care providers. The CCMS application is delivered as a fully hosted and managed service using the Microsoft Office platform.

With CCMS CellTrak, mobile healthcare providers, at the point of care, use an ordinary cell phone and simple arrow key commands to record visit time, confirm care tasks completed, and document patients’ vital signs. Schedules and care task lists are delivered to the phones from CCMS or any existing patient management and scheduling software system. The built-in global positioning system (GPS) provides live views and shortest distance mileage management. Business benefits for the agencies include lower per-visit costs, improved safety of employees in the field, and increased compliance with care tasks.

“With the addition of the CellTrak technology to our suite of point of care solutions, we are helping meet the needs of home and community care agencies at all levels of care they provide,” said Debbi Gillotti, CEO of Healthphone. “CellTrak has a proven record of success in North America, and we are pleased to partner with them.”

In Canada, Healthphone is partnered with telecommunications giant TELUS to deliver home and community-based applications. TELUS currently works closely with Healthphone Solutions to implement, host and manage their applications, provide network connectivity, security support, 24x7 customer service and supply GPS-equipped mobile devices including cellular phones and PDAs, as well as all infrastructure and servers.

“We are delighted to be joining Healthphone and TELUS in presenting proven services to the Canadian healthcare marketplace. Adding CellTrak to the CCMS portfolio will allow home care agencies to automate their PSWs, eliminating paper processes at the point of care while delivering significant savings,” said Richard Herrmann, Chairman and CEO for CellTrak.

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