Hospice Agency is ahead of the Technology Curve with CellTrak

Jul 24, 2012 4:11:15 AM

Hospice Agency in Connecticut Setting new Standards for Improved Care with Technology

Schaumburg, IL (July 24th, 2012) – Hospice Southeastern Connecticut (Hospice SE CT) is using new technology to advance patient care and improve agency efficiency. Hospice SE CT is a community-based, nonprofit healthcare organization covering the 771 square miles of New London County. The agency employs over 70 employees, not including over 140 volunteers. Hospice SE CT is constantly in search of the most efficient and secure ways to conduct its operations. Efficient in the sense that the nurses and social workers in the field need to have constant communication with the agency and data centers, and secure in the sense that the agency works with confidential patient information. To add to Hospice SE CT’s list of efficient and secure methods they have introduced CellTrak™.

David Hooper, IT/Quality Assurance Manager commented, “We have been incredibly pleased not to be bothered with paper time sheets any longer. We have become virtually paperless and fully automated with payroll. Schedulers used to spend 3-4 hours a day to manage the aides in the field. CellTrak has dropped this process down to only one hour a day, a 75%decrease."

CellTrak is a cloud based software program that runs on the agency’s GPS enabled Blackberry smartphones. Suncoast, the hospice care technology platform that Hospice Southeastern Connecticut uses, integrates with CellTrak, automatically transmitting patient data to and from the Hospice Aides as they care for their patients. “Compliance has been positively increased due to no longer having to transcribe the aides’ notes. CellTrak sends this information immediately to Suncoast. If an auditor needed to see accurate home health aide notes they could be found in just a few clicks,” added David Hooper, IT/Quality Assurance Manager.

Up to date changes in a patient’s plan of care are immediately available to the aide while automated mileage calculations and real time location information streamline payroll and make for easy scheduling changes by their supervisor. The aide’s visits are documented at the point of care, proving visit compliance and personnel safety is enhanced by the agency’s awareness of their exact location at any given time. With the addition of CellTrak to the agency’s IT resources, communication, productivity, personnel safety and patient care are all improved.

“The Hospice of SE CT team has quickly implemented and shown some immediate value in enabling improved efficient care services for hospice patients,” shared Michael K. Wons President and CEO of CellTrak “It has been great to work with the team and their quick adoption of our point of care mobile solution has shown true technology and care leadership”.

Hospice SE CT is happy to demonstrate and share with others how this new technology transforms how they provide hospice aide services to their patients and their families. Hospice of SE CT is committed to continuing toimprove care and would like the community to be educated about their advancements and capabilities.

About Hospice Southeastern Connecticut:

Hospice Southeastern Connecticut provides care in the home and often in skilled nursing facilities for those approaching the end of their life, regardless of age, disease or inability to pay. The organization also provides bereavement services for families in New London County free of charge, regardless of whether their loved one received hospice care. Hospice Southeastern Connecticut is a community-based, nonprofit healthcare agency in New London County. It is the only regional hospice affiliated with both Lawrence + Memorial Hospital and The William W. Backus Hospital. It is Medicare/Medicaid certified, state licensed and CHAP accredited. Hospice Southeastern Connecticut has been the hospice of choice for over 9,000 families since 1985. www.hospicesect.org

About Suncoast:

Suncoast Solutions provides an industry leading comprehensive software tool that helps hospices and home health agencies manage the full breadth of processes and related programs as patients move in an out of each phase of the care continuum. For more information visit www.sncoast.com

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