Next Generation Telephony Solution Changes the Playing Field in Homecare

Sep 27, 2010 5:54:21 AM

Technology Unites Interactive Voice Response and GPS to Deliver Fully Integrated Communications and Connectivity

(Newswire)- September 27, 2010

CellTrak Technologies, Inc, a leading provider of integrated mobile solutions for the home healthcare, hospice, homecare and private duty markets, today announced that Addus HealthCare has implemented the company's next generation telephony solution in nineteen of Addus' Home & Community Services branch offices.

Michael Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak Technologies, commented, "We are pleased that Addus has chosen the CellTrak visit manager solution to improve the timeliness and accuracy of visit-related information; streamline payroll, billing and overall field staff management; and support Addus' unique Integrated Services approach. As the first telephony platform for the homecare industry to integrate both IVR and GPS, our system represents a significant advance for companies such as Addus. The increased efficiency enables users to vastly improve communications, connectivity, and the quality of the services provided, while offering a choice of telephony device within a single solution."

The solution is built upon a combination of best of breed products from the industry and development work done by Addus' internal IS Team. This includes full integration with McKesson Horizon Homecare's scheduling, billing, care plan management and authorization tracking and management system; industry leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities from CareWatch; and the leading mobile point-of-care solution from CellTrak.

With CellTrak's next generation telephony solution, each homecare aide now has access to either a mobile device or to touch-tone-based IVR while providing care onsite. In addition, CellTrak's GPS mileage monitoring provides real-time connectivity between home care providers and service coordinators working in the branch offices. These features are brought together in CellTrak's web-based Visit Manager Console that allows a homecare agency to monitor and manage visit-related activities in real time. Using the CellTrak console allows the agency to more effectively meet the home-based needs of the individuals they serve.

Michael Siegel, VP of Information Services for Addus, said, "We are committed to this exciting new hybrid approach to telephony and are extremely satisfied with the results of our development partnership with CellTrak, CareWatch and McKesson."

Mark Heaney, President and Chief Executive Officer of Addus HealthCare, added, "We look forward to the benefits this new telephony solution will provide, particularly its ability to reduce the time spent on back office functions such as payroll and mileage reimbursements. Additionally, the improved communications with our homecare aides afforded by this solution will also help facilitate continued integration of our home & community and home health businesses."

About Addus Healthcare:

Addus is a comprehensive provider of a broad range of social and medical services in the home. Addus' services include personal care and assistance with activities of daily living, skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapies, and adult day care. Addus' consumers are individuals with special needs who are at risk of hospitalization or institutionalization, such as the elderly, chronically ill and disabled. Addus' payor clients include federal, state and local governmental agencies, the Veterans Health Administration, commercial insurers and private individuals. Addus has over 13,000 employees that provide services through more than 130 locations across 19 states to over 24,000 consumers. More information can be found at:

About CareWatch:

CareWatch has been serving the home health care marketplace exclusively for more than 11 years. Since our beginning in 1998, our primary focus has been to provide a state of the art product and unparalleled customer service to our clients. The founders adopted the philosophy that our clients knew how to run their businesses better than we did, so our mission was to fit our technology to the needs of our clients, solving business and operation problems in the process. That attitude has fostered our continued growth, providing a win-win partnership between CareWatch and our family of happy, productive clients. As a result of our superb customer service and the extensive scope of our product offering, we were chosen as the Preferred Telephony Vendor of Choice by the Visiting Nurse Association of America for their member agencies. More information can be found at:

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