ParaMed Continues to Implement CellTrak’s Real Time GPS Automation Service in Ontario Canada

Jul 21, 2008 5:59:24 AM

Chicago--(BUSINESS WIRE)—July 21st, 2008 CellTrak Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce ParaMed Home Health Care (ParaMed) is continuing enterprise wide deployment of their home care automation service. ParaMed is one of Canada’s largest home care providers and a division of Extendicare (Canada) Inc. (ECI). CellTrak’s service has allowed ParaMed to streamline business processes, leading to improved scheduling, performance and visit data. CellTrak ensures real-time monitoring of care-giver safety as well as, travel management logic, point of care updates, and electronic documentation of the care provided to clients. ParaMed has increased compliance, and productivity while reducing overhead costs. The elimination of paper processes commonly used in home care agencies is just another of the many overall benefits the service provides.

ParaMed is currently deploying the CellTrak system across Ontario. To date the combined operations teams have rolled out 2500 devices to caregivers in 17 locations. Enterprise wide deployment of the service, which will involve 26 branch offices and approximately 4,500 mobile care givers, is expected to be completed by October, 2008.

Ms. Deborah Bakti, Vice-President of ParaMed for ECI, commented: “The introduction of the CellTrak system is the next step in leveraging technology to support the delivery of community care. By integrating an automated delivery platform with our current systems, we will greatly enhance the communication between our branch offices and field staff, positively impacting quality of care and increasing productivity by largely eliminating paper-based manual systems”

Deb Mulholland, Senior Operations Consultant commented: “CellTrak’s technology enables the agency to be proactive vs. reactive regarding the management of a decentralized work environment. The enhanced communication capability also allows ParaMed’s direct service employees timely access to agency support, which greatly improves client and staff safety.”

Richard “Dick” Herrmann, Chairman and CEO of CellTrak Technologies Inc. stated, “I believe that ParaMed and Canada are leading the initiative of automated paperless patient records. In the future, electronic medical records will be available from the hospital, emergency room, physician’s office to the point of care, all without the aid of any paper processes. This has nothing to do with technology, because it’s all available now. It comes down to leadership. If we want it now, we can have it now! Lower expenses and better healthcare are a winning combination we can afford. What we can’t afford is to continue with erroneous, laborious, time consuming paper processes.”

About ParaMed Home Health Care

Since 1974, ParaMed has been providing quality 24-hour health care and support services in Canadian homes, hospitals, assisted living centers, long-term care centers, schools and businesses. ParaMed’s services and options for both home and the workplace are as diverse as the clients that it serves. ParaMed is a division of Extendicare (Canada) Inc., which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Extendicare Real Estate Investment Trust. For more information about ParaMed, please visit

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