SouthernCare expands CellTrak usage for field staff with Android

Mar 23, 2011 6:05:35 AM

Schaumburg, IL (March 23, 2011) - SouthernCare, Inc., a privately owned hospice company, has over 75 offices in 15 states and provides care to over 3000 patients each day. Based in Birmingham Alabama, SouthernCare has been a leader in using the latest mobile and clinical technologies to help enable patient specific care in the person’s home or a home like setting.

SouthernCare has been a CellTrak client since 2009 and recently upgraded and expanded their usage for all staff members. The new features provided take advantage of the latest smart mobile device features from Google, HTC, Verizon and CellTrak.

Bryant Saxon, Director of Information Technology for SouthernCare recently shared that, “In the smart phone market, I think most people would agree that consumer products are where most innovation is happening in terms of user experience and functionality. Android is at the forefront of this movement, and I wanted to bring this experience to our employees.”

Running across the secure Verizon Wireless network on the new HTC Incredible, the CellTrak mobile application platform is helping insure visit compliance, remove paperwork, improve mileage accuracy and improve the safety and communications of aides, social workers, chaplains, nurses, and community relations.

“With Android's open platform, the CellTrak application and ability to customize, we were able to come up with systems/processes that allowed us to easily deploy devices in a standardized way designed for our business” shared Saxon.

SouthernCare field staff are using the new Smartphone devices to remove paper based processes and leverage the latest up-to-date information to help improve patient care. With CellTrak running on Android staff have a full mobile platform at their fingertips including patient specific care plans, voice guided navigation, online training, streaming video and testing, messaging / contact / calendar syncing, printing and access to medical information (pharmaceutical info like drug interactions, etc).

Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak Technologies commented “SouthernCare has long been a leader in the adoption of new technologies to help improve care outcomes. The use of CellTrak provides one of the best open mobile platforms available today for homecare and is representative of one of the largest business use cases of a 3rd party enterprise application on Android and Verizon in the healthcare vertical”.

Google has recently launched the Medical Category on the Android Marketplace. This makes it easier for health care professionals to parse through hundreds and thousands of apps in the health and fitness section to find relevant applications. CellTrak can be accessed anytime via the Android Marketplace on your mobile device or computer at:

Verizon Wireless is a leader in the U.S. health-care industry which is undergoing a digital transformation that will have long-term effects. Electronic medical records, real-time collaboration between physicians, automated patient and equipment monitoring, e-prescribing, RFID-based supply management, and remote patient care represent the future of health care. More information can be found at:

About SouthernCare:

SouthernCare, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest hospice providers. SouthernCare was founded in 1995 and is based in Birmingham, Alabama. Today, SouthernCare, a privately owned company, has over 75 offices in 15 states and provides care to over 3000 patients each day. SouthernCare offices are located in non-metropolitan areas which have a demonstrated need for hospice services. SouthernCare provides hospice services to patients who reside in private homes, group homes, assisted living facilities and skilled nursing facilities.

Each SouthernCare office is managed by a Clinical Director and a Community Relations Director. Each of these individuals lives and works in the area served by their office. In addition, each SouthernCare office employs a dedicated Care Team composed of Registered Nurse Case Managers, Social Workers, Hospice Aides and Chaplains. Volunteers also provide valuable support to staff and patients in the office as well as in the patient’s home. SouthernCare currently has over 1400 full and part time employees. For more information visit:

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