Success Speaks: Home Care and Hospice Challenges Met with CellTrak Leading Mobile Platform Delivers Real-time Operational Improvements

Oct 17, 2014 7:54:48 AM

Success Speaks: Home Care and Hospice Challenges Met with CellTrak

Leading Mobile Platform Delivers Real-time Operational Improvements

Schaumburg, IL (October 16th, 2014) – CellTrak Technologies, the leading provider of innovations that combine high tech and high-touch to enable more personalized and responsive care, is meeting critical challenges affecting agencies everyday. When challenges are met agencies find better compliance, higher efficiency and better more informed care is delivered. As the mobile leader in care and service management solutions, CellTrak is thriving in partnering with agencies of all sizes to make sure ROI is realized along with increasing their efficiency to grow their business.

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Challenge 1: Better value/reduced cost for healthcare system

CellTrak offers agencies and their clients a real-time, point of care experience. As health conditions change, so does the need in level of care. Mobile technology can assist in reducing hospital admissions and re-admissions by providing more continuous information to the agency and to the clinician. This information will allow for earlier interventions along with better utilizing staff needed. Coordinated care ensures that patients and clients get the right care at the right time, while preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and readmissions, thus avoiding costly duplication of services.

“The CellTrak solutions and other technologies that we have deployed allows us to track those changes in condition in real time and in a uniform way so that we can, again, observe those changes without pouring through document after document and clearly identify where the gaps in care or the changes in condition are occurring and communicate with other health partners to take steps to help improve those outcomes.”

- Darby Anderson, Senior Vice President, Addus Healthcare

Challenge 2: Better experience of care for patients and caregivers

Providers are often in need of a solution that reacts in real time to assure the patient and families that the right level of care is administered and not wrongly repeated or missed. Alert-driven workflow improves efficiency in care delivery and creates collaboration amongst your entire care team. Agency offices are sent targeted, actionable alerts via email and text, providing real-time insight into patient visits. Scheduling changes, compliance and underperformance issues can be detected quickly via real-time actionable data available while care is being delivered. This data shows that operational risks decrease due to accurate log documentation and ability to track staff locations.

“In home health and hospice, the care plan could change daily, so it is vital that real time updates are available. The real-time nature of the interface enables communication with our EMR and allows our staff to have the most up-to-date instructions of what they need to do to best treat our patients.”

-Jared Evanchec, Business Analyst Grane Home Health Care & Hospice

Challenge 3: Improvement in home health worker job satisfaction and reduction of turnover

CellTrak solutions keep your staff safe and on task. Leveraging the integrated GPS features, your operations team can locate the closest field workers to deliver visits efficiently and ensure the right level of care is administered. This includes monitoring changing condition and management of levels of dispatched care to ensure clients are not overserved and/or underserved for care needed. The use of the mobile devices plays a huge role in staff safety, communication and overall efficiency. Make sure mobile is part of their daily routine to keep staff safe, happy and more informed the delivery of care.

“If you are not using CellTrak, then you need to evaluate productivity and how compliant your organization is. We are all working in an industry that has lowered reimbursement, less resources and more responsibility. CellTrak has been a key to our success for compliance and efficiency during these industry challenges. Expanding staff on mobile devices increased efficiency and has allowed our team to visit more patients, maximize our admins daily routines and assure successful compliant visits. We are confident in compliance audits.”

- Valerie Landell President and CEO of VNA of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Challenge 4: Improvements in the continuum of care

When care teams collaborate and communicate with CellTrak, agencies maintain control of quality and risk management in their care and service delivery. Communication tools provide real time data to proactively manage care delivery resulting in improved organizational and patient outcomes. Mobile solutions are allowing agencies to be in continuous contact with staff delivering care in homes and the communities.

“What we have found is, by use of mobile technology, we have provided a resource for our clinicians to really enable them to coordinate the care of the patient as best as possible. They're able to connect with physicians, with the hospitals as needed, to provide real-time interventions for the patient.”

- Kim Costello, Director of Home Care Holland Hospital Home Health Services

Challenge 5: Finding a cost effective way to meet recently mandated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements

CellTrak provides an easy to use and cost effective solution to support state and payer mandated electronic visit verification requirements via the use of location based services and GPS. Verifying several hundred of thousands of visits every day that provides proof of care delivery and speeds your reimbursement. Most importantly it enables you to confirm the right level of care is consistently delivered.

“We decided to make the move from IVR to a mobile GPS solution based on knowing where our staff is at all times. It was an easy technology choice to make as it (CellTrak) is the industry leading and only GPS enabled application built specifically for homecare. The solution has also cut out self-reporting for mileage and decreased our mileage reimbursement. We have embraced this technology to better utilize our current EMR with completing the entire care plan at the point of care with an emphasis on completing a visit record with visit verification.”

-Steve Doughty, IT Manager/Security Officer at VNA of Rhode Island

Features No One Else Can Offer

CellTrak offers a family of mobile solutions built on the needs and input from the healthcare continuum. Our solutions start with an easy to use mobile device to empower your workforce to dynamically manage care delivery, care planning/coordination, and care team collaboration. CellTrak includes portal applications that provide real-time visibility and action for your entire care team. CellTrak enables you to leverage your investment in other technologies to streamline integration to the back-end clinical systems and the payer networks.

  • Secured messaging for complete communication
  • Capture photos in the home to alert higher levels of care
  • Capture signatures in the home to verify care services completed
  • GPS breadcrumbs for tracking and visit verification
  • Real-time information is sent to the field staff
  • Agency Pulse portal provides real-time visibility into your care and service delivery
  • Patient and families are engaged in the care process
  • Interfaces into any system
  • Insight into underperforming care givers, lines of business and contracts

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About CellTrak Technologies

CellTrak Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of apps that make data actionable for the homecare, home healthcare, hospice, and private duty markets. Our patented software-as-a-service solutions run on GPS-enabled mobile devices via a homecare technology platform which automates workflow and reduces cost. Data is transmitted wirelessly via our secure cloud based services making the data available real time where instantaneous integration is provided to the back-end clinical systems and the payer networks. Healthcare Workers across the United States, Canada and Europe deliver over a million of successful visits every week via CellTrak.

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