Visiting Nurse Association Thrives in Time of Fewer Resources and Added Responsibility

Nov 30, 2012 9:26:46 AM

Home Health leader increases efficiency with expanded usage of mobile healthcare technology solution from CellTrak

Schaumburg, IL (November 30, 2012) - The Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky emphasizes the human touch in providing services to patients and clients in their own home setting. With an average daily census of 1,400 patients the VNA is invited into thousands of homes each year with a clear mission to enable patients to maintain their dignity within their home whenever possible, and assist them in gaining self-sufficiency and independence. With more than 100 years experience and tens of thousands of success stories, they are proud to boast there has been a highly skilled VNA professional behind every one of them.

VNA-logoThe Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky is a true leader in the technological curve of improving care. They have been familiar with the use and benefits of using mobile technology for several years. After switching from a telephony based interactive voice response (IVR) system in only a few weeks, accurate visit data was collected in real-time. The streamlined interface with Delta Health Technologies has made their mobile staff and admin staff more efficient. For their choice of mobile phone, VNA went with the latest secured mobile application devices running on the Cincinnati Bell network.

Valerie Landell, President and CEO commented, “If you are not using CellTrak, then you need to evaluate productivity and how compliant your organization is. We are all working in an industry that has lowered reimbursement, less resources and more responsibility. CellTrak has been a key to our success for compliance and efficiency during these industry challenges.” Valerie added, “Expanding staff on mobile devices increased efficiency and has allowed our team to visit more patients, maximize our admins daily routines and assure successful compliant visits. We are confident in compliance audits”

The VNA's Home Health Services are designed to help patients get better, regain their independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible. In general, the services are provided on a part-time, or intermittent, basis. VNA’s nurses and therapists have equal or better training and skills as their counterparts in a hospital or nursing home. But receiving care at home is far less expensive and much more convenient than in those environments.

Michael K. Wons, President and CEO of CellTrak Technologies added, “We have had the pleasure to work with Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for many years now. They have shown themselves to be a true leader in their industry and have become a voice to be heard in national leadership events for the industry. Their adoption of technology has set them apart from other agencies with their increased efficiency and accountability for staff” Wons added that “this industry is learning to work with less resources and more responsibility and CellTrak is here to assist in their success and increased compliance”

In addition to the integrated visit verification features of the solution, the GPS features available as part of CellTrak is a cost effective compliance and accountability solution. GPS tracks the mileage to and from each patient’s home and immediately stores it in the system. This creates accountability for all staff to decrease missed or delayed visits, while improving patient care.

About Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

The VNA provides best-practices home health care and personal services in the home. Our nurses also provide education and support for family caregivers. By combining innovative services with old-fashioned caring, we help people remain in their homes with dignity, self-sufficiency and health. More than 99% of our patients say they would recommend the VNA to a family member or a friend. The VNA has been a Medicare and Medicaid certified home health agency since 1966. For five years running, the VNA has been named to the Homecare Elite list, placing us among the top 25% of Medicare-certified home health care providers in the U.S. The VNA is the only freestanding nonprofit home health care agency in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky For more information please visit

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