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Your IT systems help your agency operate at scale, but for all practical purposes your data is held hostage in their data silos. To compete and operate efficiently, data needs to flow freely to support decision-making and streamline workflows. While interoperability standards progress, agencies need to take action now.

In this episode, AJ Peterson from Netsmart and I discuss what interoperability means on a theoretical and practical level, its impact on agency productivity, and what agencies can do today to free their data to run lean.

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode and Supporting Information:


You Can Get the Data You Need With Just a Few Words Learn three steps you can take today to gain access to your data and help drive industry progress.

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Infographic As healthcare shifts to an integrated care model, Netsmart offers a secure network.

See the Netsmart Network

Interoperability Tools - Resources Get links to standards organizations for a deeper investigation into interoperability.

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Interoperability: Expanding the Definition of Integrated Care Explore how organizations are leveraging technology platforms to improve key processes. Look at why putting shared information into context is the key to creating a model for true, collaborative care.

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Bio of Kristi Harris, CellTrak VP Customer Success: As VP of Customer Success for CellTrak, Kristi Harris is responsible for ensuring our clients have a positive return on their investment and a great experience working with us. Kristi brings nearly 20 years of developing and managing teams responsible for software implementation, account management, training, and product support for various software companies in the health care industry. She has worked with hundreds of hospitals across the US to use software, data, and analytics to improve their business.

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Bio of AJ Peterson, Vice President / General Manager Interoperability & Consumer Engagement, Netsmart AJ Peterson maintains an efficient client-focused model around Netsmart’s connectivity and consumer-engagement solutions. He works to develop a cohesive brand and value system among associates, clients, suppliers and partners in his markets. Working to advocate for Netsmart clients, AJ works with national policy and standards organizations, including the Carequality Advisory Council and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), for the inclusion of human services and post-acute communities in the sharing of data across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

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