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Delivering Value for Providers

From caregivers to clinical directors, from operations to the C-suite, agencies that use CellTrak operate more efficiently, respond more quickly, and deliver higher-quality care while still following best practices and achieving compliance.

In the field
  • Change-in-Condition Documentation
  • Electronic Visit Verification
  • Secure Messaging
  • Except or Deny Open Visit Offers
  • Service & Care Plans
  • Secure Photo Capture
  • Patient Information
  • Daily Schedules
  • Point-of-Care Documentation
  • Time & Mileage Tracking

By providing everyone in the field with the functionality and REAL-TIME information they need, agencies can operate more efficiently, deliver care more effectively, and enjoy happier, more satisfied employees.

Office and field staff are able to work together in REAL-TIME to improve visit and care compliance, streamline operations, reduce costs, and use data to enhance care delivery.

In your office
  • Dispatch Open Visit Offers
  • Change in Condition Alerts
  • Field Force Tracking and Management
  • Google Map Mileage Calculations
  • GPS Tracking & Time Reporting
  • Productivity Reporting
  • Care Delivery & Compliance Tracking
  • Operations & Care Team Dashboards
  • Staff Scheduling Management
  • Visit Exemption Notifications

CellTrak’s IVR allows your staff to use voice and touch‐tone input on their clients’ landline phones to document their time and care plans

  • Capture actual start and end of scheduled patient visits
  • Caller ID alert matching with mismatch alerts
  • Capture patient service refusal or not seen/not found
  • Document task completion
  • Calculate travel using estimated best route
  • Travel mode adjustments
  • On call adjustments
  • Capture errand miles
  • Secure and HIPPA compliant
  • Multi-language support

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