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CellTrak Connection

8 Tips to Keep Your Remote Home Care Workers in the Communication Loop and Feeling Connected

Effective communication is always important in the home care industry. But when it comes to remote workers, who likely spend a lot of time in the homes of clients but very little time in the office, a solid communication plan becomes essential.

Faced with the challenges of delivering care in homes and communities, it’s easy to let communication suffer, making caregivers feel isolated and disconnected. Through the integration of technology, people, and processes, the automatic flow of information and secure communication between the office and the field improves caregiver job satisfaction and outcomes.

This complimentary, on-demand webinar will help you:

  • Understand how Tendercare builds trust with their office staff and caregivers and was ranked No. 1 among large employers in WorkplaceDynamics in Indianapolis
  • Identify 8 tips to connect your remote home care workers to your office staff and build real connections of caring and trust
  • Make the most of technology to communicate securely and in real time to improve outcomes and increase staff satisfaction

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