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CellTrak Adds Senior Product Director to Their Diverse Team

Schaumburg, IL (August 17, 2021) – CellTrak Technologies, the leader in point-of-care and electronic visit verification (EVV) solutions in home and community-based care, announced today the addition of Scott Brashears to their growing team as Senior Product Director.

Scott Brashears is a strategy and product mogul, bringing over 25 years of homecare experience and more than five years of experience on the payer side. Scott is one of the founders of ContinuLink – by Complia Health -- and was integral in building the technology behind the company’s EMR solution. In addition to his work at Complia, Scott has worked with Interim and Procura and is highly regarded within the Medicaid industry as a technology leader and expert in electronic visit verification. For many years, Scott has acted as a trusted voice for many large agencies in the Medicaid industry.

Brashears will take the lead on two large teams, CellTrak’s main mobile platform and CellTrak EVVLink from the product side. Scott joins CellTrak at a time of action, as the company announced a few months prior their plans to create the industry’s first enterprise-level solution for all types of home and community-based care. Scott’s experience in building great solutions from the ground-up will no doubt be instrumental in the success of this project, among others.

Dan Wacker

CellTrak CEO Dan Wacker welcomes Scott to the team, saying “We are thrilled to have Scott Brashears joining the CellTrak team. His years of experience and reputation amongst large agencies across the US further increase an already strong product and engineering team at CellTrak. The addition of Scott accelerates the speed at which we anticipate achieving a national EVV network as well as pulling forward the expected completion of several strategic projects.”

Scott Brashears

Scott commented on his new move to CellTrak, saying “I am excited to join the world leader in mobile management and EVV, adding my 20+ years of experience in the Personal Care and Medicaid market to grow the product. It is really exciting to join CellTrak in the beginning of their partnership with Homecare Homebase to develop the first true enterprise personal care product in the industry.”

CellTrak is eager to add exceptional individuals like Scott to their team as they pursue larger projects and continually provide the leading solutions for home and community-based care.

About CellTrak

Trusted by the largest agencies in the world, CellTrak provides the most robust and configurable mobile point-of-care, field force management and EVV platform on the market whether you are providing personal care, home health, hospice, or human services. As the pioneer in mobile point-of-care solutions since the early 2000s, CellTrak continues to be the leading field force management solution. With a commitment to innovation backed with years of experience in the home care sector, CellTrak increases your staff’s productivity, improves your compliance, reduces costs across the board, and improves communication, resulting in a higher quality of care.