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CellTrak Connection

Frontline Connections: Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA)

About JSSA

For more than 100 years, JSSA, a nonsectarian, nonprofit health, and social wellness agency has been helping children, adolescents, adults, and seniors surmount life's challenges, including mental health concerns, obstacles to employment, and aging-related issues. Our doors are open to racially, religiously, and culturally diverse people – reflective of the Washington region.

JSSA's team of highly experienced and compassionate therapists, case managers, employment specialists, and nurses work closely with community care providers, school staff, and other professionals to provide a holistic approach to each individual or family's care.

The Customer Journey

JSSA has been a valued CellTrak customer since 2017. Since choosing CellTrak as their preferred mobile point-of-care field force management solution, JSSA has changed EMRs and persevered through the coronavirus pandemic. We had the chance to sit down with Cephas Silvera, CIO, and Leslie Pelaez, RN, Health Aide Supervisor, to talk about JSSA and their experience using CellTrak.

Before using CellTrak, JSSA had been manually documenting their home and community-based services and visits. After successfully implementing CellTrak, caregivers have found the software to be very easy to use, and they appreciate the benefits of using CellTrak. Cephas and Leslie noted how upgrading to a mobile solution allowed JSSA to increase security, efficiencies, and overall accuracy of clinical documentation.

Switching EMRs

JSSA recently migrated to MyUnity, a new EMR system, and proud CellTrak partner. In addition, CellTrak is an EMR-agnostic product, so JSSA caregivers didn't have to learn a new system, making the transition seamless.

"We were thankful to CellTrak for their partnership. Despite the big change we were having, the hospice caregivers didn't feel much of a burden because they were able to keep the system that they were using, and that made a huge difference for all of us," said Leslie.

To make the change of EMRs easier, JSSA used CellTrak's toggle feature to switch easily or "toggle" between EMRs without making large changes to the caregivers' interface. One app, two portals.

The JSSA Hospice Team supports the interoperability of the two systems. For example, making changes to aide schedules and completing documentation in MyUnity and CellTrak is simple, taking only a minute or two to complete. In contrast, previous manual documentation may have taken 15 minutes to complete.

Concluding Remarks:

CellTrak is thrilled to partner with JSSA, an organization that provides essential quality care to our community and values creating a safe and efficient work environment for its employees. We are lucky to have been a part of JSSA's journey and will continue to walk alongside them to provide care in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC.

How To Get In Touch with JSSA

Phone: 301-838-4200


About CellTrak:

Trusted by the largest agencies in the world, CellTrak provides the most robust and configurable mobile point-of-care, field force management, and EVV platform on the market, whether you are providing personal care, home health, hospice, or human services. As the pioneer in mobile point-of-care solutions since the early 2000s, CellTrak continues to be the leading field force management solution. With a commitment to innovation backed with years of experience in the home care sector, CellTrak increases your staff's productivity, improves your compliance, reduces costs across the board, and improves communication, resulting in a higher quality of care.

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