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Caregiver Satisfaction and Retention

Use modern technology to help improve caregiver satisfaction 

Caregiver satisfaction matters

Finding and keeping direct-care workers is the greatest challenge home care providers face. With a 65% turnover rate for personal care aides, a double-digit nurse turnover rate, and job growth over 35% over the next 10 years , this issue at the top of the list for most home care agencies.

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Understanding the factors that contribute to turnover and the approaches that deliver improvement will help you to manage this challenge. Agencies have tried to bolster retention by offering higher wages and more attractive benefits, and they have seen some success with this approach in the past. Changes in minimum wage laws have narrowed the edge an agency can get with compensation, not only with other agencies, but with retail and other types of jobs.

Often, improved retention rates come as a result of providers doing a better job of listening to their employees, while helping them find new, rewarding ways to succeed in difficult roles. High staff satisfaction improves retention, and satisfaction ratings are heavily influenced by innovative practices that help staff feel comfortable, confident and appreciated. To improve staff satisfaction:

  • Demonstrate respect, care and concern for caregivers by using familiar mobile devices to improve safety, communication, and responsiveness.
  • Enable caregivers to focus on, and have more time for, care delivery by eliminating, simplifying, and automating the sharing of care documentation and administrative paperwork.
  • Become a more attractive employer by using technology to address common dissatisfiers such as slow payments and difficulty getting desired hours.

A solution designed to lower caregiver turnover

To improve staff satisfaction, agencies need to focus on engaging with caregivers in a meaningful way. Mobile technology that provides real-time visibility and communication helps agencies to connect with caregivers so that they feel a part of the team. 

  • Automated paperwork for point-of-care documentation and mileage reports improves caregiver satisfaction by reducing tasks that help caregivers to do what they love most - care for people 
  • Real-time field staff visibility enables office staff to monitor caregiver locations and respond to scheduling and safety issues that affect caregivers
  • Real-time, configurable alerts enable office staff to quickly escalate potential late or missed visits
  • Secure messaging and secure broadcast messaging provide instant communication between office and field staff, and between members of the care team; messages are tracked and automatically stored for documentation

Enable field staff to easily deliver outstanding care

The CellTrak Care Delivery Management solution enables agencies to operate more efficiently so your caregivers can deliver care more effectively. When caregiver satisfaction increases, so do your caregiver retention rates. 

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Hospice at Home reduced administrative burden for caregivers by 76%, increasing job satisfaction. 

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