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Supporting Care one Visit at a Time

CellTrak supports the self-directed care or consumer driven care model with a mobile app that allows users to enter their time spent on care quickly while privacy is protected. We allow users to focus on care and service delivery, while easily logging their time.

Privacy Protection while Using CellTrak

First and foremost, privacy is priority. CellTrak captures only the minimum required information and protects it so that it is used only to support care giving, at the time and place of care. By using CellTrak to support care, users have the flexibility to move freely in their community and to direct care without interference or intrusion. States and MCOs require information to comply with Federal guidelines and to ensure care quality.

Complying with Federal Guidelines:

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Compliance should not be burdensome. CellTrak makes it easy for EVV compliance with specific state requirements and reduces the administrative work involved to submit timesheets. Once a registered, users have an easy-to-use electronic timesheet at their disposal. CellTrak captures all required information need in order to submit your time for payment, while protecting privacy.

Easy to Submit Time Spent on Care

Logging time spent on care quickly and easily is important to the user and payer. CellTrak allows an app based, paperless timesheet to transmit seamlessly and frequently, enabling a shorter turn-around for payment. Required information is always collected in the right format to minimize errors that could trigger an exception or payment delay. Users can proactively update time spent on care in real-time. Care time is so easy with no longer a need to go back and try to recall previous care given.

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