Success Stories

Real-world results for our customers

At CellTrak, we’re intensely proud of the organizations that have used our Care Delivery Management solution to transform their businesses and drive dramatic bottom-line results.

Click on a link below to read our customer success stories, and start thinking about the impact our solution can have on your organization, too.

Mountain Hospice

Mountain Hospice, a non-profit organization offering nursing and counseling services to terminally-ill patients in rural West Virginia, uses CellTrak to increase productivity by 50%, improve staff satisfaction and retention, improve visit compliance, and reduce mileage reimbursement costs.


Tendercare Home Health Services, the largest skilled nursing home health agency in Indiana, passes audit with 0% Additional Development Requests (ADRs) and increases staff satisfaction after implementing CellTrak, ranking as Number One in WorkplaceDynamics Top Workplaces survey.


Graceworks at Home, a non-profit offering residential and personal services to older adults in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, uses CellTrak to improve efficiency and productivity, increasing employee retention by 20% and reducing mileage expenses by 35%.

VON Canada

VON Canada, Canada’s largest non-profit charitable home and community organization dedicated to keeping people healthy in their own home, uses CellTrak to increase productivity by 25% and reduce mileage expenses by 15%.

Hospice Alliance

Hospice Alliance, a community-based, non-profit provider of hospice and palliative care in Wisconsin, reduces mileage expenses by 16% and sails though audit with flying colors within five months of implementing CellTrak.

Hospice at Home

Hospice at Home, a Lakeland Health affiliate based in Michigan nationally recognized for delivering exemplary patient experiences and clinical outcomes, reduces administrative burden for caregivers by 76%, reduces mileage expenses by 26%, and increases job satisfaction with CellTrak’s point-of-care documentation.

Hospice of Western Reserve

Hospice of the Western Reserve, a non-profit, community-based agency providing hospice, palliative care, and caregiver support, uses CellTrak for real-time documentation to reallocate 1,700 hours of clerical time, creating more time for care delivery to patients.


Ambercare, an employee-owned health care agency in New Mexico providing hospice, home care, personal care, and medical equipment, uses CellTrak to improve compliance by ensuring scheduled visits are completed and care plans are followed.

Ark Homecare

Ark Homecare, a London-based homecare provider offering various home and health care services, uses CellTrak’s point-of-care documentation to improve quality and risk management during the patient assessment process.

ParaMed Home Health Care

ParaMed Home Health Care, Canada’s largest private sector home health care provider, automates and streamlines operational processes with CellTrak.

Hospice of Baton Rouge

Hospice of Baton Rouge, a non-profit providing medical care and grief counseling to people with terminal illnesses, saves $8,000 on mileage expenses and gains an entire day’s worth of productivity within four months of implementing CellTrak.

Capital Hospice

Capital Hospice, a large non-profit provider of advancing illness care and comfort in the greater Washington DC area, reduces mileage expenses by 29% and cuts administrative data review and processing time by 89% using CellTrak to minimize paper processes.

Catawba Regional Hospice

Catawba Regional Hospice, a provider of palliative care to people with serious illnesses in Newton and Hickory, North Carolina, saves $70,000 per year and drives operational efficiencies with CellTrak.

Gaston Hospice

Gaston Hospice, a health care provider for people with life-limiting illnesses in North Carolina, reduces mileage expenses by 23%, increases staff productivity by 25%, and increases daily census by 13% using CellTrak.

Grane Home Health and Grane Hospice

Grane Home Health and Grane Hospice, a locally-owned home care provider to people with illness or injury, streamlines workflows, increases productivity, and improves patient experiences with CellTrak.

Lion Hospice

Lion Hospice, a Texas-based agency providing comfort and support to people living with incurable diseases, uses CellTrak to capture patient data at the point-of-care in rural areas with little internet connectivity.

Trillium Health Partners

Trillium Health Partners, a hospital in Ontario, Canada, providing specialized care to people in their own communities, uses CellTrak to improve safety and visibility of home dialysis staff.

Yarmouth Argyle Home Support Services

Yarmouth Argyle Home Support Services, a non-profit service provider of care outside a hospital setting in Nova Scotia, eliminates 60% of first-level workload assignments tech work using CellTrak’s real-time scheduling, client information, and point-of-care documentation.

Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Saint Elizabeth Health Care, a non-profit charitable leader and award-winning organization, increases communication between field and office staff, improves efficiency, and enhances client experience with CellTrak.

Grace Hospice of Oklahoma

Grace Hospice of Oklahoma, a provider of superior care to people in northeastern Oklahoma, improves efficiencies and time management, and reduces costs using CellTrak.

VNA of Rhode Island

VNA of Rhode Island, the state’s oldest visiting nurse association, switches from IVR to EVV to improve visibility and safety of field staff, eliminate the need to self-report mileage, and improve compliance at the point of care using CellTrak.