Delivering Value for Payers

The CellTrak Care Delivery Management solution delivers the visibility, accountability, and insights that drive the payer-provider synergy needed to improve outcomes and protect both the brand and the bottom line.

How Network Providers Use CellTrak

Payers can require or recommend their network providers use the CellTrak Care Delivery Management solution to coordinate and manage the delivery of in-home and in-community services:

Mobile apps keep caregivers connected while out in the field:

Desktop portals give care coordinators and office staff real-time insights:

  • The CellTrak Care Team Portal enables effective care coordination by integrating assessments, charts/trends, and visit histories with EHRs
  • The CellTrak Operations Team Portal enables efficient field force managment by facilitating automated workflows, real-time service updates/alerts/messages, and real-time staff locations

HealthLink integration connects data:

  • CellTrak HealthLink integrates with 20 back-office systems (including EHRs and payroll) to ensure reliable, accurate, and timely flow of data

How Payers Use CellTrak

We empower payers to easily visualize the care being delivered across their provider networks:

  • Payers have access to CellTrak Care Team and Operations Team Portals, which allow payers to access the delivered care and operational data collected by the agencies.
  • Payers have access to CellTrak mobile apps, which allow payers to communicate directly with specific caregivers, members, and families (optional service).
  • CellTrak HealthLink integrates with the payer’s back-office systems to ensure the integrity and continuity of data.


We deliver measurable, meaningful value for payers.