Delivering Value for Providers

From caregivers to clinical directors, from operations to the C-suite, agencies that use CellTrak operate more efficiently, respond more quickly, and deliver higher-quality care while still following best practices and achieving compliance.

Overall Agency Impact

Increased Productivity

  • Improved efficiencies in care coordination can increase visits per caregiver by 10% or more
  • More reliable data/more accurate reports facilitate continued optimization of care delivery over time

Increased Compliance

  • Reliable proof-of-visit via GPS-based Electronic Visit Verification or IVR telephony visit verification
  • Ability to make activities required reduces variation in services delivered
  • More complete care records lead to faster response to audits and information requests

Reduced Costs

  • Automated mileage tracking typically reduces mileage costs by more than 20% versus self-reported
  • Streamlined/automated workflows save administrative costs and time

Enhanced Communication

  • Configurable real-time alert escalation improves care delivery and compliance while reducing costs
  • Secure broadcast messaging lets office staff quickly reach caregivers with important updates

Improved Care Quality

  • Immediate access to up-to-date client information improves care delivery
  • Easy point-of-care documentation improves client record accuracy
  • On-device forms and surveys lead to more complete data collection

Measureable Successes

We deliver measurable, meaningful results to our agency partners.