Managing a home health care and services delivery agency means managing unique and complex challenges: a decentralized workforce, caregiver shortages, and continually evolving compliance and documentation requirements from payers and government bodies. And yet, as demand for home care services continues to grow while margins continue to shrink, providers must still somehow drive growth through referral sources and agreements with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).

In this demanding environment, CellTrak’s Care Delivery Management solution enables agencies to achieve meaningful, measurable results.

Delivering Value for Providers

From caregivers to clinical directors, from operations to the C-suite, agencies that use CellTrak operate more efficiently, respond more quickly, and deliver higher-quality care while still following best practices and achieving compliance.

Overall Agency Impact

Increased Productivity

  • Improved efficiencies in care coordination can increase visits per caregiver by 10% or more
  • More reliable data/more accurate reports facilitate continued optimization of care delivery over time

Increased Compliance

  • Reliable proof-of-visit via GPS-based Electronic Visit Verification or IVR telephony visit verification
  • Ability to make activities required reduces variation in services delivered
  • More complete care records lead to faster response to audits and information requests

Reduced Costs

  • Automated mileage tracking typically reduces mileage costs by more than 20% versus self-reported
  • Streamlined/automated workflows save administrative costs and time

Enhanced Communication

  • Configurable real-time alert escalation improves care delivery and compliance while reducing costs
  • Secure broadcast messaging lets office staff quickly reach caregivers with important updates

Improved Care Quality

  • Immediate access to up-to-date client information improves care delivery
  • Easy point-of-care documentation improves client record accuracy
  • On-device forms and surveys lead to more complete data collection

Measureable Successes

We deliver measurable, meaningful results to our agency partners.