Better Utilize Technology in Outbreak Conditions with CellTrak

CellTrak has created COVID-19 Patient & Staff screening tools for you to use as part of your risk management system during this pandemic. This form is free to all CellTrak customers for immediate use to keep your patients and staff safe.

The COVID-19 patient & staff Screeners:

  • Meet COVID-19 screening suggestions
  • Are accessible on all mobile devices regardless of platform
  • Are for use in all license types with CellTrak version of 6.2 or higher
  • Provide alert level reporting so further actions can be triaged at the organizational level

CellTrak Secure Messaging

During a pandemic it is absolutely critical to stay connected to staff and to deliver clear, concise and expedited messages. Secure messaging is an important tool facilitating staff and office communication. Broadcast messaging and push reminders are two types of communication that can be used with secured messaging functionality. Key messages can be communicated easily and quickly around topics such as:

  • Hand wash reminders
  • Device cleaning
  • Real time news alerts
  • Wellness messages and
  • Supply requests


CellTrak is a best in class mobile solution that supports agency operations in safe, quality care delivery and risk management protocols. Remember your CellTrak solutions already allows you to:

  • Know where your staff are located at all times for their safety
  • Optimize use of staff
  • Connect staff and patients virtually to optimize social distancing
  • Make reporting of patient change in condition easy
  • Connect supervisors to staff in real time for support

COVID-19 Resources

AVAILABLE NOW: COVID-19 Patient & Staff Screener
COVID-19 Patient & Staff Screener
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Letter From CEO
Use CellTrak During Crisis
CellTrak During Crisis

Current Customers:

CellTrak patient screening, staff screening, and secured services have FREE activation by contacting your account manager.