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About Us


About CellTrak

Trusted by the largest agencies in the world, CellTrak provides the most robust and configurable mobile point-of-care, field force management and EVV platform on the market whether you are providing personal care, home health, hospice, or human services. As the pioneer in mobile point-of-care solutions since the early 2000s, CellTrak continues to be the leading field force management solution. With a commitment to innovation backed with years of experience in the home care sector, CellTrak increases your staff’s productivity, improves your compliance, reduces costs across the board, and improves communication, resulting in a higher quality of care.


Our Vision

Empowering better outcomes for home and community care.

Our Why

To inspire innovative care delivery through real-time data and communications.

Our Brand Personality

Caring | Innovative | Secure | Insightful | Reliable

Our Virtues

Empower Care 365

Given the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year commitment required from our care provider customers, our job is to empower them to provide mission critical care while respecting their confidentiality and privacy.


Exceptional Team / Exceptional People

We seek to build an organization comprised of exceptional people, who work together to create an exceptional team by approaching every day with a bias towards action. This means we act upon what needs to be done, both individually and as a team with the grit and determination required. The compounding effect results in massive results. The ideal CellTrak employee is; smart, humble, hardworking and fun to work with.


Think Big / Execute Small

We execute on the little things each and every day. When compounded over time, those little things lead to accomplishing big results.

Be Transparent

Our commitment to transparency is rooted in clear communication and trust. The end result is that everyone is empowered to take full ownership in their roles.


Work Smart / Have Fun

We strive to simultaneously work smart and have fun. Life’s too short to do something you don’t enjoy doing with people you don’t enjoy doing it with.


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