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CellTrak continues to lead as the best comprehensive point of care, communication and compliance application for home and community care.

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Andy Kaboff started Trak Technologies Corp., in 2004, with a vision for using bar code technology to help businesses improve operating efficiency.

While pursuing that path, Andy met Bill Bourne, the founder of Amedisys – one of the largest and most respected providers of home health, home hospice, and in-home personal services – and had a revolutionary vision: to use mobile devices to improve the health care and personal services people receive in their homes and communities. This new technology, Andy realized, could overcome the challenges faced by a distributed workforce providing services in remote locations.

Back then, of course, the most advanced mobile phones flipped open and showed only a few lines of text through a window on the cover. But Andy pushed ahead and, along with Steve Wegner, and funding from MK Capital, incorporated CellTrak Technologies, Inc. in 2006, and built the first version of CellTrak's Care Delivery Management solution. With Amedisys as the company's first customer, the efficiency and effectiveness of home care delivery began to improve.

Using a combination of GPS technology and sophisticated data management techniques, they developed and patented native mobile applications that offered complex functionality wrapped in an easy-to-understand user interface. The result: an innovative solution equally valuable for caregivers, agency management, and the people who receive care

Since then, CellTrak has helped agencies, payers, and funders across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. optimize care quality, patient outcomes, productivity, and profit.

But ultimately, our focus has always been to help people who are helping people. We are honored that the CellTrak Care Delivery Management solution now touches 100,000 lives each day, and we continually strive to expand this reach and improve the way people connect with the care they need.

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