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Simple, Easy, Compliant

Care Attend, powered by CellTrak, is tailor-built with self-direction in mind and an emphasis on elegance & simplicity. The easy-to-use app enables consumers to make decisions around the care they receive and provide services while supporting your organization.

Why Care Attend?

  • Faster authorizations

  • Removal of paper timesheets

  • Fast implementation timelines

  • More visibility into services

  • Easy approval of time sheets


Deploy Care & Services Quickly

  • Seamless, quick and easy onboarding for caregivers

  • Easy to use and non-intrusive mobile application

  • Compliance with state mandated EVV built in

  • Efficient, regardless of mandated EVV requirements




  • HIPAA Compliant and Privacy Protected

  • Captures only required information

  • Easy to register and easy to use

  • Less administrative work / no paper

  • Data readily available for faster billing and payroll

  • Optional single sign-on option (*no registration process)

  • Supports multiple languages on mobile



  • Compliance with emerging government, payer, and EVV regulations

  • Improved efficiency for caregivers, consumers, and administrative staff

  • Supports caregivers to submit service documentation in a hassle-free way

  • Easily train and deploy new users

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