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EVV Uncomplicated

Straightforward EVV Compliance

Due to the 21st Century Cures Act, all care visits provided in the home must be verified electronically — no more pen and paper. Each state has unique requirements for electronic visit verification (EVV) which can cause stress and confusion for providers. Stay cool and compliant with CellTrak. Our EVV solution supports agencies in every open model state. Do more than just “check the EVV box” — Implement a solution to help your agency operate more efficiently and advocate for beneficiaries, all while keeping your staff safe.



Sign up for a free EVValuation with our experts to get state-specific guidance on EVV compliance.


EVV Interactive Map

Click on the map to view guidelines in your state like your state aggregator, managed care organization (MCO), claims denial dates, and state models.


EVV Link
Route completed visit information to State and MCO aggregators. EVVLink collects visit data and ensures compliance before passing it to the funding source.

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