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Real-Time Connection to Remote Caregivers

Mileage Reimbursement Saving

If you think you are overpaying mileage reimbursement, we’ve developed a mileage reimbursement savings calculator to help you determine your potential savings. Simply enter your average miles per caregiver, your reimbursement rate, and the number of caregivers. You can then immediately view your unrealized ROI.

Typical Example Amount Source
Average Miles Per Caregiver miles per day CellTrak Data

miles per year miles x 5, then x 40
Reimbursement per Caregiver rate per mile IRS 2018 Standard Reimbursement

per day miles x

per year x 5, then x 40
Number of Caregivers

per year x
Savings Rate % CellTrak - Typically 15% to 25%