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CellTrak EVVLink and CellTrak

Integrated Solutions

In today’s connected world, interoperability is the only option. CellTrak, the leading mobile and electronic visit verification (EVV) for in-home care experts to help staff comply and deliver outstanding care. Connecting CellTrak to your product is an easy process, giving you a superior integrated solution with less work on your team. 


EVV Link

Are you struggling to meet the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) needs of the agencies using your EMR? The 21st Century Cures Act has resulted in a complicated and ever-changing web of state-by-state compliance requirements which is stressing agencies and EMR providers alike.  CellTrak has built the first National EVV Platform which allows any EMR to build one connection to EVVLink and seamlessly connect to any open state or MCO.  This seamless interoperability means agencies can stay in compliance without facing the workflow challenges that often accompany state systems, helping providers avoid manual data entry into multiple systems or substantial changes to their existing billing or payroll processes.

Standout Functionality:

  • Behind the scenes data relay happening via EMR/EHR, even when your users do not use a state solution system

  • Pairs EVV data with other required information from system

  • Exception alerts to prompt users for incorrect information before any visit data is relayed


CellTrak Point-of-Care

Do you have large complex customers with highly complex workflow and point of care requirements? CellTrak’s feature-rich and highly configurable system meets the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Partner with CellTrak’s integrated mobile solution for efficiency, visibility, and accountability. CellTrak Mobile establishes a tightly-integrated, well-supported, robust interface between the EMR and CellTrak, to satisfy EVV, Point of Care and Field Force Management.


Standout Features: 

  • Secured messaging

  • Back to back visits


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