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CellTrak EVVLink: EVV At Its Easiest

Many agencies have already implemented technology for different aspects of their operations such as documentation, scheduling, and payroll. If they have an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution already in place, how can they comply without reworking their IT infrastructure? The answer - look to a compliance solution that works with what you already have – otherwise known in the technology space as “interoperability”.

CellTrak works with many leading EMRs to provide an EVV compliance solution for agencies that complements their existing functionality. EMR partners rely on CellTrak to ensure that correct, compliant data is being collected at the point of care and relayed to the state or MCO payor in the right format, in near real-time for claims matching.

CellTrak EVVLink cures the headache of the 21st Century Cures Act by connecting with a broad network of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) companies to relay visit information to state and MCO aggregators. EVVLink works in the background, bringing in and validating visit data before passing it to the funding source – helping to meet compliance requirements while also streamlining the workflow for back office administrators.

How It Works:

CellTrak EVVLink compiles point-of-care information from any source, including:

  • Visit data such as start time, end time, or service location
  • Required patient and staff identifiers, such as Medicaid ID or Staff SSN
  • Information on the services required, such as procedure code
  • Other data as required by your state, such as exception codes or schedule information

When the data is joined, CellTrak EVVLink checks each record and uses exception alerts to prompt the agency to review records that contain incorrect information – before any information is relayed. These exception alerts can signal errors such as invalid SSNs, invalid Medicaid IDs, or missing program codes, and enables the agency to correct them quickly.

CellTrak EVVLink then transmits this data in the correct format to the payors who require it, such as state Medicaid agencies, EVV data aggregators, or managed care organizations (MCOs). As a result, agencies are fully compliant with EVV requirements for reimbursement, setting the stage for faster payments and reducing the risk of claims denial.

The Value to EMRs and Their Providers

  • EMRs that adopt CellTrak EVVLink provide a straightforward EVV compliance solution to their current customers, increasing their value as a full-service technology provider.
  • CellTrak EVVLink streamlines compliance for agencies who must manage to different state regulations in multiple states.
  • CellTrak EVVLink works simply in the background with existing EMR technology, eliminating the need for extensive caregiver retraining.

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